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  • 01. Behind Black Rider
    02. Darkness
    03. Blundered In Homes
    04. Ship On The Ocean
    05. Windows Of Time
    06. In Anadi’s Bower
    07. Little Child
    08. My Mind Said Stop


    In Anadi’s Bower

    [engl] Epic & doomy atmosphere in the best early 70s tradition with great use of Mellotron, flute, killer hard guitar...imagine a mix between BLACK SABBATH and JETHRO TULL with a dose of KING CRIMSON and BLACK WIDOW. Includes insert with liner notes and photos and download card of the full album plus two bonus tracks. "In Anadi’s Bower" was the follow up to "Underground And Beyond" and featured new singer Jon Ruder. The band’s idea was to make another "Underground And Beyond", to record more of the band’s 1970 – 1973 material fast and rough. But this time they chose to use a producer, Rolf Kjernet, and they also had a bigger budget and more studio time. All the basic tracks of guitar, bass and drums plus guide–vocals were recorded live in the studio on analog equipment. Just like before on "Underground And Beyond". Even the 11 minutes "Little Child" does not have one single edit of the basic tracks they recorded live–in–the–studio. "We were completely into making it good and really enjoying ourselves in one go. Still, it was also an escape. There were some greening of the grass and auras of the trees seen in the dim light of midnight. Outside. May "Darkness" bless the child that takes no more and let it play in Anadi’s Bower. In Norway, maybe?" – Thore Engen (Lucifer Was)
  • 01. Teddy’s Sorrow
    02. Scrubby Maid
    03. Song For Rings
    04. Out Of The Blue
    05. The Green Pearl (The Mountain King / Fairy Dance / Belongs To The Sky / Pearl Hall)
    06. Tarabas
    07.. Fandango
    08. The Meaning of Life
    09. Light My Cigarette
    10. In The Park – B6. Asterix


    Underground And Beyond

    [engl] Killer hard psych–prog from Norway! "Underground And Beyond" was the debut album by cult proto–metal band LUCIFER WAS, containing songs written in 1971–72 but not recorded until 1997. Fully 70s analogue & powerful sound with devastating distorted lead guitar & flute. Imagine a cross between JETHRO TULL, BLACK SABBATH and ATOMIC ROOSTER! Remastered sound, colour insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It’s Psychedelic Baby) plus rare photos. Established in 1970 in Oslo, Lucifer Was were a powerful psychedelic hard–rock / hard–prog band that lasted until 1975. During those years, they gigged locally and played at some big festivals but they never got the chance to register any recording. The band hibernated until 1996 when they reunited again for a live concert. The chemistry was still there so they entered a recording studio and recorded in just 18 hours their first ever album, "Underground and Beyond", featuring songs written in 1971–72. Their line–up included two flute players plus bass, drums and the killer lead guitar of Thore Engen. Originally released in 1997 as a picture disc LP, here’s the first ever standard LP reissue.
    EAN 4040824089160