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  • 01. Mood Leaf
    02. Mister September
    03. Beyond Repair
    04. Hellions
    05. Sense My Boy
    06. Take The Maze
    07. Watch The Money
    08. Pussy Camp
    09. Hangout On My Perch
    10. Useless Looks
    11. Summer Jam(1)
    12. Summer Jam(2)


    Beyond Delay

    [engl] The Real Energy are a serial killer blues band and they come up with a potent combination of garage squeal and feedback, don't-give-a-shit vocals and a sense of melody that borrows from '60s girl groups and psychedelic pop. The whole thing has a wonderful and natural devil-may-care attitude that can be severely lacking in today's bloated, pretentious and often histrionic rock world. I thought punk was supposed to kill all that? The Real Energy are quite unique at what they do and they are everything but yet another generic and predictable rocknroll band. First of all, most of the songs on The Real Energy's third record are more than three minutes long… The song structures are repetitive but always fueled with sonic and riff-heavy garage punk rock parts which are written intelligently (and I'm not saying that in a pretentious way). Repetitive riffs are always accompanied with background noise and feedback, killer solos and melodies which reflect the psychedelic side of the 60's and 70's garage + glam rock, and you can even hear some glam rock influences. You just get everything you love in let‘s call it rocknroll.