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  • 01. Dear Terry
    02. SilverDust
    03. A Doleful Rise
    04. Lit-Upness
    05. Pretty Tale
    06. Drab
    07. Totally Awesome
    08. Guide


    vain bleak and iconic

    [engl] The opening song on «Vain Bleak and Iconic» sounds like Olivia Tremor Control jamming an unreleased Robert Wyatt track. Way up there, high as a kite, these crafted melodies nourish our sense of hope. At last, there’s some space left for nuances, refinement and pondering. Nothing is obvious and so much the better. There’s so much to say about these tones, sung, pinched, struck and basically just begging to burst in to the gaps whether they’re contemplative and dilated movements or intricate and hammered. NOUR is Bastien Torre, François Rosenfeld and Thomas Leuwers. They are 2/3 of Yacht Club and have started out under the moniker Tasty Granny. The Tours three-piece is so appealing because of their ability to foster moods with their melodically dynamic prowess. This new album nods at the old wise men of the 60’s/70’s (Think «Smile», Canterbury scene, Curt Boettcher) and wants to make everything like the wackiest bands of the 90’s (Deerhoof, Daniel Johnston, Mercury Rev). Beautiful nursery rhymes like «A doleful rise» with its bedroom pop synth sounds coexist with head banging free rock hymns («Pretty Tale», «Totally Awesome»), prog-ish musings («SilverDust»), atmosphere oscillating from library music to ambient («Drab», «Guide»). Creatively put to tape, these eight very good tracks are hard to pin down and leave a long aftertaste like a subtle Loire Chenin wine, high in acid with a full-bodied fruity palate. This NOUR album is a keeper, enjoy it now and for many years to come.
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