• 01. Navajo Joe
    02. My Baby Drives A Ufo
    03. Old Nick The Revelator
    04. Roller Girl Baby
    05. I'll Drive
    06. Devils Cowboy
    07. Rocket To Neptune
    08. Beware The Lair Of The Go Go Bear
    09. Swamp Liquor
    10. Ghost Rider
    11. My Girl Is Bad
    12. Lon Chaney Watusi
    13. Nosferatu Crawl
    14. Hoodoo Voodoo


    Into The Valley Of The Go Go Cult

    [engl] Their astounding debut album available for the first time on vinyl. Brilliant Trash fest, a messed up mix of old school psycho rockabilly, garage and surf from Readings finest. Strictly limited edition of 500 copies with great new artwork from the highly talented Mr Marcel Bontempi.
  • 01. Moanin' The Blues
    02. Gin Soaked Time Warp
    03. Signed D.C.
    04. Evil On My Mind
    05. Mean Red Spider
    06. Shot Of Rock & Roll
    07. Lord Shine a Light On Me
    08. Shitkicker Blues
    09. Hayseed Riot
    10. Codine


    Universal Vagrant

    [engl] After a career lasting close to four decades, it was only two years ago when Prevost decided to launch his first solo record: the celebrated "Mississippi Murderer”, an album where Delta blues and hi-energy R&R were combined in a masterful mix heavily influenced by the likes of the Stones, the Yardbirds and NY Dolls. This recording has become a cult classic, but the ever adventurous Prevost is now back with a brand new artifact: "Universal Vagrant". This second album goes one step further than his previous waxing and can be safely described as the best recording in his long and illustrious career. It also confirms what those in the know already knew: the fact that Prevost is a top-notch songwriter, one of the coolest R&R singers ever, and that he has a deep understanding of the roots of his music...be them the original blues greats ("Moanin' The Blues", "Mean Red Spider"); the personal idols inscribed in his DNA, Keith Richards and Johnny Thunders ("Gin Soaked Time Warp", "Shot of Rock and Roll", or the superb, gospel-oriented "Lord Shine a Light on Me"), as well as the dark, dangerous Stooges-infused sounds ("Evil On My Mind" or his killer version of "Codine"). Here you have the results: a perfect production, an explosive sound, a recording cooked with ease and among friends, but with edge, attitude and sheer class. This is a first rate R&R album where all pieces fit neatly. No mean feat.
    EAN 8436006676291
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    The Mesmerizing Mix Up Of The Diligent John Henry

  • 01. Chicken
    02. Struttin' Second Cousin
    03. Shut The Gate
    04. Tight Skirt
    05. Ask The Hand
    06. Cat
    07. Stickin' with The Chicken
    08. Hot Lips
    09. Johnny Do Wrong
    10. He Said


    Juice The Goose

    Hier das Vinyl-Debüt einer Band aus den Midlands der UK. Trashy, unconventional Rockabilly mit einer Menge Punk und Hillbilly-Einflüssen. Nichts für konservative 50s-Hardliner. Freunde von Hasil Adkins und Voodoo Rhythm Releases werden aber ihre Freude dran haben.
  • 01. Jackie Brenston - My Real Gone Rocket
    02. Lonnie The Cat - I Ain't Drunk
    03. Matt Cockrell - Gypsy Blues
    04. Jesse Knight - Nobody Seems To Want Me
    05. The Sly Fox - I'm Tired Of Begging
    06. Willie King - Peg Leg Woman
    07. Johnny Wright - Suffocate
    08. Billy Gayles - Just One More Time
    09. Gardinias - My Baby's Tops
    10. Clayton Love - The Big Question
    11. Kenneth Churchill - Would You Rather
    12. Chuck Bernard - Calling Your Name
    13. Starrs - Ain't Got No Home
    14. Icky Renrut - Ho Ho


    Real Gone Rocket

    [engl] Besides being an excellent boogie pianist and guitarist supremo, Ike Turner shone as a top-notch composer, producer and talent scout. It's a fact that Ike was at the same professional level as some of the biggest names of the day, whom he worked with on a number of occasions. This new 45?s compilation shines light on this little-known aspect of his artistic career as the genius-behind-the-curtains in several recordings by other artists. Included are R&B essentials such as ?My Real Gone Rocket? or ?I Ain?t Drunk? by the legendary Jackie Brenston and Lonnie the Cat, as well as obscure numbers ?never re-issued till now
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    Country blues of john lee hooker

    LP lim
  • 01. You Get My Motor Running
    02. Shake It On Down
    03. She's Mine
    04. Grease And Oil
    05. Shake Them Bones
    06. Endless Sleep
    07. Big Black, Fast Back
    08. (Here I Go) On My Own Again
    09. Love Me Tonight
    10. (i'm Just A) Hog For You
    11. Love Has Gone
    12. (I Got The) Voodoo Blues


    Grease & Oil

    [engl] With 5 7” releases and a 12” mini album (all sold out) we thought that it was about time he had a full length album out…Recorded during the chilly months in Southern Sweden at the Grave Cave Studio in the first part of 2018, Lee (Also 1 half of Thee Gravemen & Ex-Branded) played all the instruments, recorded and mixed the album himself using vintage analogue equipment which gives these recordings an authentic 50’s, early 60’s feel. Drawing on early Rockabilly and R&B influences this should appeal to fans of both genres as well as folk already familiar with his previous releases.
  • 01. Get Rich Quick
    02. Why Did You Leave Me
    03. Taxi Blues
    04. Every Hour
    05. I Brought It All On By Myself
    06. Ain't Nothin' Happenin'
    07. Thinkin' Bout My Mother
    08. Please Have Mercy On Me
    09. Always
    10. Ain't That Good News
    11. Fool At The Wheel
    12. Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens
    13. Maybe I'm Right
    14. Directly From My Heart To You
    15. I Love My Baby
    16. Little Richard' Boogie


    The Implosive

    [engl] Finally on vinyl! This great set illustrates the (re)construction process of the wildest, freest identity in rock`n`roll history. Here are all Richard?s first recordings from the early fifties with the Johnny Otis and Billy Wright bands, the Deuces of Rhythm and the Tempo Toppers. All his pre-Specialty, pre-Tutti Frutti waxings: his four RCA singles and all the 45s he recorded for Peacock Records. Gatefold sleeve with extensive liners, label shots, dozens of pictures, vintage press clipping and reviews.
  • 01. Agents And Spies
    02. Smile, But Don't Move
    03. Super Sonic Vibrator
    04. Sex Inspector
    05. I Like I
    06. Barmaley 66
    07. The Best Girl In The USSR
    08. Auf Wiedersehen, John
    09. Mr Pshik
    10. Allo Superman
    11. Salute, Adieu



    [engl] Beautiful, limited re-edition of one of their rarest (and most expensive €100+) albums, originally compiled by Oleg, taken from his Pre-Messer Chups group, Messer Fur Frau Muller. If you are expecting a pure Surf or a Rockabilly tinged twang fest ? Then you risk a surprise, as although there are a few elements of that in some of the tracks, this is a trip of different proportions...Exotica, Lounge, Whacky Electronica, Crazy excerpts of Russian movies, cartoon samples BUT it works...Brilliantly ! Anyway, if by some remote chance you don't like it you can always flog it on EvilBay and double your money back ! (From original release notes). Author's compilation of the best moments in the history of the legendary St. Petersburg team. Sparkling retro cocktail of samples of old songs and movies and a lounge mood. Every resident of Russia at least once in their life has heard of "the best girl in the USSR" from a piece of the film "Once Again About Love" and "Funny Man", which sampled the beginning of the same song from English 60's singer John Leighton of 'Johnny Remember Me' fame. An irreplaceable record for a rest at the end of the working week.
  • 01. Big John Greer & His Combo - Blam
    02. Big Maybelle - Don't Leave Poor Me
    03. Brownie Mcghee Sextet - Anna Mae
    04. Marie Knight - The Storm Is Passing Over
    05. Doc Bagby - Honky Tonk In Silk
    06. Stick McGhee - I'm Doing All This Time (And You Put Me Down)
    07. Brother John Sellers - Big Boat Up The River
    08. The Cyclones - Give Me Love
    09. Mickey And Kitty - St. Louis Blues
    10. Jesse Stone - Night Life
    11. Nappy Brown - A Long Time
    12. Brother John Sellers - Took My Feet Out Of The Miry Clay
    13. Big Maybelle - That's A Pretty Good Love
    14. Mickey & Sylvia - Shake It Up


    Blam! NYC R&B Sessions 1953-1961

    [engl] The contribution of Mickey Baker to 1950s music puts him next to titans like Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. He is undoubtedly the king of 50s R&B guitar as well as an inventor of the sound called Rock and Roll. The difference between these two and Baker is that his career has been unfairly undervalued, if not almost unknown. And his recorded output is FIVE times more than Chuck and Bo combined. The most in-demand studio musician/session guitarist par excellence during the golden years of the R & B laid the foundation for Rock and Roll. This tireless hard working musician spent half his life in the studio and the other half on tour and left his mark on hundreds, thousands of recordings, among which are hits from artists like Big Joe Turner, Ruth Brown or the Coasters. His incendiary riffs and solos were always aggressive, twisted but elegant sounding. He possessed creativity ahead of his time with excellent taste, and completely transformed the concept and role of the electric guitar into rock and roll forever. But don't panic. This is far from being an album for guitarists or academics. It is a selection of rare recordings that showcase him backing various singers and a few instrumentals easily moving through styles of R&B, Blues, Rock, Gospel and Folk done for different labels between 1953 and 1961. We are happy to present this diverse compilation with stunning sound quality and much of the material never before reissued. And we hope you enjoy the experience of discovering or remembering the immeasurable Mickey Baker, the king of and most recorded guitarist in 1950s rhythm and blues.
  • 01. Up In Smoke
    02. Heavy Water
    03. I Lied
    04. Decapitation
    05. Mondo A Go Go
    06. Change Your Mind
    07. Do The Ming!
    08. Merciless
    09. Flash In The Pan
    10. Out Of Sight
    11. Hand Of Ming


    The Mings

    [engl] The debut album finally here…Dead Ming (Dead Elvis), Bald Ming (Sir Bald Diddley), Wild Ming (Marky from Dead Rocks) deliver one hell of a blistering LP. 11 tracks of incredible, shit kicking garage punk, from the killer ‘I Lied’ which sounds like a 65’ lost Texas punk gem to the surf influenced crazed trash of ‘Out Of Sight’ or their take on the uber classic Los Saicos ‘Demolicion’ (Decapitation)….All Killer, absolutely no filler ! Not a paisley shirt or pointy boot in sight ! This one is limited to 500 copies and half gone already.
  • 01. Len Wade - Boss Beat
    02. L.B. Wilson - Don't
    03. Felix Garcia & His Guitar - Two Tacos
    04. Vernon Harrel - Slick Chick
    05. The Admirals - Sawmill
    06. The Nobletones - Calypso Baby
    07. Cecil Davis - Let's Have A Ball
    08. Jimmy Liggins & His Drops Of Joy Orchestra - Knocked Out
    09. The Imperialites - Let's Get One
    10. The Medallions - Lolo Baby
    11. The Peridots - Hully Gully All Night Long
    12. Earl Forest - The Duck
    13. Ludaway - The Pig
    14. The Valiants - Walkin' Girl
    15. David Del Conte - I Lie
    16. Willard Burton - Twistin' Twist


    Twistin rumble Vol. 10

    [engl] Killer new LP of wacked-out and DANCEABLE 1950s & early-1960s slop!! R&B, titty-twisters, GO-GO mania, jungled exotica, ETC!
  • 01. Greenline To Doomsville
    02. Hangman's Stomp
    03. Come On
    04. Gone Girl
    05. No Reflection
    06. One Fine Day
    07. Gravedigger's Night Shift Blues
    08. Meet Me Here (In New Orleans)
    09. Von Devil's Girl
    10. Do The Plague
    11. Teenage Ghoul
    12. I Want You To Know


    Destination Doomsville

    [engl] Holy Moly....A lot of folk have been waiting for this !....And well worth the wait 'cause it's simply fantastic...Mick Cocksedge, Bruce Brand, Kev Smith and Mr Jack O'Diamonds himself (Dave Prince). Collectively known as The Voo-Dooms ! Come get 'Doomed'....12 blistering tracks all great, with highlights for me being 'Greenline To Doomsville', 'No Reflection' and 'I Want you To Know'. Be quick as they're already going fast !