• 01. Snap It Around
    02. Relentless (Edit)
    03. Camaracadabra
    04. Psycle Sluts
    05. Samouri Swords
    06. Cob On (Bonus)
    07. You Were Never There
    08. Discolero
    09. Rhino Whip
    10. Too Nice For Nigel
    11. Snap It Around (Version Edit)
    12. Tootsies (Bonus)

    48 CHAIRS

    70% Paranoid

    [engl] Documenting the unlikely coupling of British free jazz bastion Lol Coxhill and the sarcy synth pop don't-wannabes known as Gerry And The Holograms this rare incognito full-length album bridges the micro-niches of electronic jazz and punk jazz from a band formed in 1979 at an axis where DIY and new wave hadn't quite collided! With sprinklings of post-punk female vocals worthy of PragVEC and Suburban Lawns, featuring angular art rock paeans to voodoo dolls and closed-circuit TV, this privately pressed LP comes directly from the man who gave Martin Hannett some of his best ideas and wrote the "Blue"print for Manchester's new musical order. Imagine if Talking Heads became Mark E Smith’s backing band for a week before being sacked for wearing a Frank Zappa t-shirt while Eric Dolphy forgot to take his headphones off… If that sounds up your street, then you should be paying double. A genuine lost moment from the post-punk era with progressive pop credentials from the university of Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias before everyone got a job at the local Factory. Why are you the only person who doesn't know about this?
    EAN 5060099507052
  • 01. Big Cowley
    02. King Beat
    03. Where's Glenn Webb
    04. Break Dancers
    05. Fiege
    06. Gobby Daddy
    07. Mum Jokes/Berlin


    Where are you?

    Dekonstruktion war noch nie eine Theorie, welche Sinn definiert, um Anweisungen zu geben. Vielmehr wirkt sie als kritische Aufhebung der hierarchischen Gegensätze, von denen Theorien abhängen, und zeigt die Schwierigkeiten jeder Theorie auf, die Sinn eindeutig definieren möchte: als Intention, als determiniert durch Konventionen, als Erfahrung.“ , soweit die Lehre. Nun zur Praxis. Action Beat - The Noise Band From Bletchley, im Grunde mehr als eine reine Band, ein Kollektiv, was man ebenfalls hört und live natürlich spürt, haben ihr neustes, fünftes Album genau nach der Frage benannt, die sie immer und immer wieder seid 10 Jahren bei der Suche nach Shows zu hören bekommen. Dabei sollte sich ihr, von bis zu vier Gitarren, einem Bassisten und vier Schlagzeugern gespielter, mit ungestümer Inbrunst vorgetragener LoFi-Gitarren-Noise und ihre Show Qualitäten doch bis zum letzten Booker vorgedrungen sein. Getrieben von der puren Lust an der Improvisation lärmen sich die Jungs durch 30 Jahre Noiserock. Genau ihren Ansatz der Dekonstruktion beherrschen sie in Perfektion. Ihre Sound rückt das unscheinbare, nebensächliche in den Vordergrund und fordert zur Auseinandersetzung mit der eigenen künstlerischen Wahrnehmung. Das Konstrukt des sich ständig änderten Kollektives, welches ihrem Bandsein zugrunde liegt, führt zur somit auch zur Selbstdestruktion und Infragestellung des eigenen Schaffens und genau deswegen macht es Spass Action Beat zu hören. Anmerkung: Das Artwork, bestehend aus rostendem Metall, dekonstruiert sich passend zum Sound der Band selbst. ACHTUNG! Als Rost bezeichnet man das Korrosionsprodukt, das aus Eisen oder Stahl durch Oxidation mit Sauerstoff in Gegenwart von Wasser entsteht. Rost ist porös und schützt nicht vor weiterer Zersetzung. Bewahren Sie aus diesem Grund zur Sicherheit ihrer Schallplatte diese in der Plastiktasche auf! Sounds of Subterrania übernimmt keine Haftung für Schäden die in Verbindung mit der falschen Lagerung entstehen können.
    LP lim
    EAN 4260016921355
  • 01. Spoonfeed Hell
    02. Judgement Letter
    03. Heap Of Clay
    04. Dig The Hole
    05. Sentence Machine
    06. Pork Butcher's Knife
    07. Disappearing Man
    08. Great Unfinished
    09. Citizen K
    10. One Another



    Action Beat trifft auf G.W. Sok, seines Teichens Frontman von The Ex.
    EAN 600064789813
  • 01. Snares
    02. Man With Two Plastic Bags
    03. Crawling
    04. Jabberwock
    05. Unwanted Shapes Of Amiracle
    06. Tordogs
    07. bWhat Bus When
    08. Sokspeare´s Sonnet #18
    09. I'm No Giant
    10. Gangrene Machine


    The World Is Fucked, But I Feel Fine

    New album! limited 300 copies.
    LP lim
  • 01. Fournaise À La Grenouillère
    02. Stade
    03. Le Grand Soir En Plein Soleil
    04. Exil
    05. "Et Moi Aussi, Mais Alors Avec Un Peu De Moutarde..."
    06. Chasse À L'Homme



    [engl] Peplum is the 5th solo LP album of Api Uiz, a band from Bordeaux, France which plays since 1995. They influenced an entire generation of french musicians by the ferociously independent way they play and produce music. Peplum is a perfect album name for a band which is such a landmark in the french underground scene. PS: What they do can imperfectly be described as an instrumental, teared-apart and howling harsh folkloric pop. PPS:This album is brought to you by: Les Potagers Natures, Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu, La République Des Granges, Attila Tralala, Red Wig Records and, yours truely, Kythibong.
  • 01. Airuin
    02. Hotbed
    03. Makeup
    04. Luv
    05. Poskok
    06. Filter



    Man nehme John Zorns legendäres Free-Jazz-Noise-Impro-Hardcore Projekt Painkiller und mische dieses mit großen Post-Metal-Ambitionen der Sorte Isis, sowie gelegentlichen 70er Jahre Progrock-Experimenten in der Tradition von Bands wie King Crimson. Zu guter Letzt garniere man das dieser Art entstandene wild-schräge Klangspektakel mit dem grenzenlosen Blast Beat-Wahnsinn der Grindcore-Kapelle Napalm Death, der Komplexität und spielerischen Finesse des Jazz und auch leichten Melvins-Anleihen. Wie das alles zusammengeht? Arktis/Air machen es vor.
    LP 180gr
    EAN 9120047540206
  • 01. Primitive Species
    02. NRVSNRG
    03. First World Fever
    04. Bugger
    05. Old Stinker
    06. Infinite Sedative
    07. Dog


    Primitive Species

    [engl] I am fucking psyched to bring you this 12" banger all the way from Australia. In a time the world has become a melting pot of hate, absurdity and on the brink of destruction ARSE have made a record that sums up these dark, dense and claustrophobic times. The relentless rhythm section drives the sound with guitar work that is squealing and immense alongside vocals that spit bile and razor-sharp lyrics. PRIMITIVE SPECIES is the pinnacle sound of a band that has been crafting, honing and re-imagining the way punk music should be played, with so much raw atmosphere and energy that it will probably rip you apart. Be careful. It has energy, heart and that special something you can’t put your finger on. Built on a relentless sinister thrum, a taut propulsive clatter, ARSE explode with scalding fury in the screaming guitars and tortured barks and roars echoing out of the radioactive slurry. This is ferocious hardcore/post punk, worked til its end. Noisy and incessant, but it's hella melodic all the same, so hurry up and snag this bad boy. Primitive Species just sent me three steps back on the evolutionary chain. And I am thankful for this reset!
  • 01. Siren
    02. The Morrigan
    03. Deja Vu
    04. Sacred/Sacrilege
    05. War
    06. Witching Hour
    07. Styx
    08. Libracide
    09. Boudicca
    10. Votive Offering


    votive offering

    [engl] Pressing Info 100 copies on White 300 copies on Black You might have previously chanced upon Artefact if you’ve got your ear to the ground of the fertile, exciting DIY punk circuit in the UK. Equally, they might be brand new to you, but there’s no shame in that game. Release-wise, the four-piece have gone straight from a demo to a debut LP – a step-up that, ‘Votive Offering’, the long player in question, justifies in a half-hour blaze of elegant, alluring gothic punk grandeur. Artefact assembled in the Welsh capital, Cardiff, around late 2014 and debuted in early 2015 with a seven-song demo cassette. Featuring Hannah Saunders on vocals, Matthew Green on guitar, Jon Mohajer on bass and Danny Parsons on drums, members’ musical CVs span indiepop (Joanna Gruesome), post-hardcore (Facel Vega), emo (Plaids), garage punk (Twisted) and slowcore (Mars To Stay). This collective experience has certainly informed Artefact, in terms of how they operate and conduct themselves, but it should equally be seen as a clean break, and a chance to indulge their tastes for postpunk, goth, deathrock and the darker side of the tracks in general. Saunders – the only one of the quartet to be playing in a band for the first time – is a great and mercurial presence at the microphone, ramping up the drama and emotion running through ‘Votive Offering’. Her lyrics are suitably, poetically intriguing, heavy with alliteration and wordplay and spiked with literary and historical references. They meet their perfect match across these ten songs: rolling rhythms built from tom-heavy drums and punchy basslines, waves of ear-ringing chorus-pedal guitar, an ability to switch tempos from a brisk clip to a funereally slow march. ‘Votive Offering’ is boosted by a recording (at North Wales’ Foel Studios) which gives each sonic element the spotlight it deserves, while retaining Artefact’s serrated edge, and mastering by prolific punk platter polisher, Daniel Husayn of North London Bomb Factory. The striking sleeve art comes from inside the mind of Scott Young, an American artist who has also fashioned covers for bands including Gag and Strutter. And it’s being released by German punk label Adagio830 (Diät, Dark Blue, Ranx/Xerox, Rat Columns) as a result of label owner Robert Schulze stumbling on an Artefact live set while on tour, and falling in love. Anyone whose tastes include foundation stones of goth such as Siouxsie & The Banshees or Bauhaus; The Mob, Part 1 and other names from the gloomier end of 1980s anarcho punk; or contemporary burners of the flame like Belgrado, Arctic Flowers or Anasazi… Artefact have made an album for you to fall in love with too.
  • 01. Immerzu
    02. Abendvorstellung
    03. Keine Antwort Auf Brennende Fragen
    04. In Feuer Und Wasser Haben Sie Den Tod Gefunden
    05. Ich Zeige Dir
    06. Warten
    07. Zimmer 43


    Kassetto Fix

    [engl] Their Demo Tape from 83 for the first time on vinyl ! FFO of Wire, The Sound, Chameleons, Post Punk, ZickZack etc. ! limited on 300 copies!
  • 01. Abgemacht
    02. Ausgedacht
    03. Alarm
    04. Kein Licht
    05. Ansicht
    06. Modern
    07. Linie



    All Girl Post-Punk aus Berlin! Schön aufgemachte LP im 320 Gramm Cover und Bandphoto im separaten Umschlag! Die Welle großartiger, mitreißender Bands, die sich bei 80´s-New- und Cold-Wave bedienen, scheint nicht abzureißen. Aus aus Berlin erzeugen mit durchaus ruppiger Gitarre, abgehackt-unterkühltem Beat und melancholisch-tanzbaren Elektro-Klängen jene Dunkel-Disco-Atmosphäre, die Freunden von X-Mal-Deutschland, Joy Division, Bauhaus und in Ansätzen Nitzer Ebb bzw. Neubauten (die Drums) sehr gefallen dürfte. Die Stimme der Sängerin passt ausgezeichnet und die von Zweifeln geprägten deutschen Texte sind ebenfalls gelungen.
  • 01. Suchmaschine
    02. Zahnloser Tiger
    03. Schwall
    04. Kreis
    05. 1000 Umdrehungen
    06. Die Taste
    07. Für die Katz
    08. Bilderflut
    09. Am Puls der Zeit
    10. In der Tat



    Zweiter Output der Berliner Postpunk-Damen, die uns vor zwei Jahren mit ihrem Debüt eine der unterkühltesten Platten der 2010er vor den Latz geknallt haben. Ihre neuen Stücke zeigen sich dankbarer Weise keine Spur warmherziger, sondern versprühen eine gefährlich klirrende Kälte, die so seit den frühen Xmal Deutschland kaum mehr zu Gehör fand. Selbige sind unverkennbar auch der Größte Einfluss ihrer Musik. Schleppend und zehrend kombinieren die Tracks verhallte Vocals mit reduzierten Synthlinien, wabernden Bassläufen und zutiefst depressiven Gitarreneinlagen. Ein hervorragendes Postpunkalbum ohne viel Klimbim zudem man eigentlich nur wahlweise durch Berliner Nächte wandeln oder sich die Pulsadern aufschlitzen kann.
  • 01. Les Deux Loups
    02. Dead End
    03. Razor Tongue
    04. The More The Less
    05. No Way
    06. Béton Armé



    französischer WavePunk. Side B is laser-etched.
  • 01. Brigada de Demolición
    02. Ondina
    03. La Televisión Es Nutritiva
    04. Cita En El Asteroide
    05. Obsesión
    06. Sintonía de La Moda Estandarizada (Collage del Aviador Dro)
    07. El Laberinto del Nuevo Minotauro
    08. Kraken
    09. Selector de Frecuencias
    10. La Cicatriz de La Fábrica Roja.


    Alas Sobre El Mundo

    [engl] Legendary Spanish synth–pop band AVIADOR DRO was formed in Madrid in the late ’70s, influenced by bands like DEVO, KRAFTWERK or CABARET VOLTAIRE as well as by Sci–Fi and movements like punk, futurism, anarchism, Dada... Dressed in matching space–age / futurist uniforms, the group created a particular synth–pop sound, which they defined as "tecno–pop". Signed to the major Movieplay label, where they released a couple of 45s, in 1982 the band decide to go the DIY way and they launch their own record label: DRO (Radioactive Records Organized) which will be the most important independent label in Spain during the 80s. That same year, Aviador Dro release their groundbreaking first album, "Alas Sobre El Mundo" ("Wings Over The World"), which is now widely considered as a real synth–pop / minimal wave classic, full of analogue synths, drum machines, Vocoder...Including some of their most known songs like "Ondina", "Selector de Frecuencias", "La TV es Nutritiva", etc.
    EAN 4040824088170
  • 01. Baila La Guerra
    02. Nestor El Cyborg
    03. Plancton
    04. Cadena Informativa
    05. Vortex
    06. Antimateria
    07. El Trabajo de Las Máquinas
    08. En Equipo



    [engl] In 1983, Aviador Dro, the legendary Spanish synth–pop band, are living their best moment: their own record label (DRO) is working full time; they share management with famous Spanish New Wave bands like Alaska & Los Pegamoides, Los Nikis, Gabinete Caligari, etc; their songs are heavily played on the radio and they play numerous gigs all across Spain. That’s when the band decide to create their most ambitious project to date: a deluxe boxset titled "Síntesis: La Producción al Poder", released in 1983, including two LPs ("Tesis" and "Antítesis"), a 7" and a booklet. A few months later, "Tesis" is released separately with a slight change on the tracklist. This is the edition we’ve reissued here. Subtitled as "eight great stories of science and future", "Tesis" featured "the most recommended songs for the industrial dance". This is in fact another minimal wave / synth–pop classic, including anthems like "Baila la guerra", "Vortex", "Nestor el cyborg"... * Sound from the original masters * Original artwork * 8–page booklet with liner notes, photos and memorabilia
    EAN 4040824088187
  • 01. Diamond Age
    02. New Industry
    03. Thrill Of The Game
    04. Croatia
    05. Starusfa
    06. Club International
    07. Red Rose
    08. Priest
    09. Forget
    10. Theatre War
    11. Little Death
    12. The Twist


    Back To The Deep Water (Sharkive: 1981-1987)

    [engl] BASKING SHARKS are one of the unsung heroes of the original minimal / synth-pop / wave era. Formed in 1980 in the North of England, members Adrian Todd, Ged McPhail and Martyn Eames used an array of home-made electronic instruments plus customized second hand synths to provide unique sounds. On stage they always played “live” without the use of backing tracks. Their stage act included a slide show, films and computer visuals synced into the stage performance. Their music merged electronic pop with European influences and experimentation. During their existence, they toured extensively throughout the UK, did a session with John Peel and produced a single, an EP and an LP plus numerous videos, and live recordings. Here’s their first ever vinyl retrospective, including a selection of tracks from their sought-after album, “Shark Island” - originally released in 1983 – the complete “Diamond Age” / “Thrill Of The Game” singles plus fantastic previously unreleased recordings.
    EAN 4040824089771
  • 01. Sophia
    02. Future Crimes
    03. Time Traveller
    04. Clear!
    05. Shining Confidence
    06. Ministry of Self-Defence
    07. Game of Patriots
    08. Sink or Swim
    09. B-side Son


    China Shipping

    [engl] In august 2018 the band recorded their forthcoming album “China Shipping” which will be published by Antena Krzyku on 3rd of May 2019 on LP, CD and streaming platforms. The premiere of the album will be proceded by the release of three singles and music videos starting on February 17th with a song called “Fututre Crimes”.
  • 01. Hey Man
    02. Burning Up
    03. I Don't Like You
    04. Wanna Go?
    05. Group Anxiety
    06. Powerless
    07. Stop Start Go
    08. Four Plus
    09. Piece Of Calm
    10. Passions


    Bench Press

    BENCH PRESS sind als Band noch nicht so lange zusammen, wie es die entspannte Souveränität ihrer Single erscheinen lässt. Umtriebig ist die Band erst seit März 2016. Seitdem haben sie das Live-Ding kontinuierlich durchgezogen, wenn ihr komplettes Material des Abends damals auch gerade einmal 20 Minuten umfasste. Seitdem agieren Gitarrist Morgan Griffith, Bassist Lewis Waite und Schlagzeuger Jordan Hicks als perfekte, zurückgelehnte Einheit. Das Resultat ist dynamischer Post-Punk, der jederzeit eine Punktlandung hinlegt - angetrieben vom (Sprech-)Gesang von Jack Stavrakis, der live wie besessen im Kreis läuft und scheinbar laut in sein Mikro denkt, dabei aber seiner Frustration mit dem modernen Leben Luft macht. Fauchend, kantig und laut beschwören BENCH PRESS das Althergebrachte und erschaffen etwas, das sich sehr neu anfühlt. Als würden die SLEAFORD MODS mit ART BRUT Gitarrenpunk machen.
    EAN 4059251139256
  • 01. Respite
    02. Dreaming Again
    03. Two Years
    04. Good Guy
    05. Better Mirror
    06. Amalgamation
    07. Old. Self. Doubt
    08. Baby Steps
    09. Enough
    10. Take It Slow
    11. Home


    Not The Past, Can't Be The Future

    [engl] On their second full-length, Bench Press have refined their sound by maintaining some the frantic aggression of their self-titled debut, but have also brought a tighter approach to both melodicism and structure. Almost every song clocks in at under three minutes as a testament to their 'don't bore us, get to the chorus' philosophy. Bench Press project the wirey minimalism of early Talking Heads and Devo through a lens of heavier late-80s contemporary post-punk in a distinct shade of Melbourne garage. What was once easily categorised as post-punk can just as accurately be described as 'really, really loud pop music' and it's really, really good. Recorded & mixed by Paul Maybury (Cable Ties, Loose Tooth, Rocket Science). Mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control/ Eddy Current). FOR FANS OF: Gang Of Four, IDLES, Fugazi
    EAN 0806809671294
  • 01. Red Devil
    02. Run Run Run
    03. L'Appel Du Vide
    04. Laugh / Cry
    05. The Zoo
    06. Already Dead
    07. Illegal
    08. Fire And Fury
    09. Big City
    10. Late Night Acts


    Late Nite Acts

    [engl] Olympia, WA 's own Beta Boys are back with more songs in the form of a LP. Since their demo tape (that came out in 2014) and several EPs they have had a lot of time to develop the sound that truly makes them betas. Leaving their aggressive hardcore style in the past, they play more of "Hell Comes To Your House" style songs, more rock`n`roll with a graveyard guitar boogie and a punk Screamin' Jay Hawkins on vocals. For those of you keeping count this is our second release from Washington's state capital. Time to set up a field office because I don't see this town slowing down anytime soon. Look out Atlanta there's a new contender for the crown. This time around we’ve got Olympia scuzz punks Beta Boys. Following stellar releases on Lumpy, Neck Chop, Total Punk and Goodbye Boozy, they are back with their best outing yet. Beta Boys have a sound that is a call back to when punk was fresh without sounding like a boring rehash band. All of their songs have a rhythmic echo that stays in your head for days after hearing it. The inconsistent sloppy delivery over a classic mid-tempo 80s punk sound make for an excellent combination. This band fills all the void in your records right now. It's funny, when you first listen to them, Beta Boys sound like a fairly typical hardcore band, but the more you pay attention the more you realize that they really have managed to stake out their own particular aesthetic. Their songs are fast but not too fast, and the guitars have a chorus effect on them but they never sound too over-the-top goth-y... the descriptions for one of their records mentioned Hell Comes to Your House-style punk, and while I've never heard that mentioned as a genre before, it kind of makes sense... Beta Boys do fit somewhere on the same part of the punk spectrum occupied by 45 Grave's punkier moments (like the track "Already Dead"), Christian Death, Legal Weapon, and Modern Warfare. In an age when every band seems to break up after just a demo and some 7"s, it's refreshing to hear a band grow a little bit more and really develop their own voice. Here's hoping they continue to push forward, and until then I'll be spinning this LP quite a bit. A strikingly focused and sonically refined tour de force, these ten new tracks pair the band's Midwestern hardcore roots with a darker, midtempo burn. A pure punk sound if there ever was; precisely capturing the boredom, depression, and ever-present sense of hopelessness spread across modern America. Beta Boys have truly upped the ante on this full length; an album absolutely brimming with stellar production, first-rate songwriting, and unapollegetically punk flavor. Packaged in a full color jacket with artwork from Beta Boys' own Hank Durango.
    EAN 4260016924356
  • 01. Anxiety 01:25
    02. Psychedelic Paralysis
    03. Pseudo Punk
    04. Empty
    05. P. M. F.



    [engl] When you hear Omaha, Nebraska, you might think of steak, Warren Buffet, or Saddle Creek Records. But you probably don’t think of hardcore. In comes BIB. Noisey, blown out hardcore from the middle of nowhere. Following the “everything louder than everything else approach” to their demo, Bibs already colossal riffs sound like an avalanche when the bottom drops. Squirmy effected vocals veer their sound from huge to weird. Live, sometimes seen with 3 guitar players, Bib takes their wall of sound to a whole new level that will leave your eardrums vibrating. BIB presents POP. Their follow up release to their 2015 Demo. POP takes you on a panicked journey through a wormhole of anxiety and isolation. BIB's brooding sound is steeped in mutant destruction and caustic anger—a mid-tempo hardcore foundation with thick, chainshaw guitars and gruff grunts, pummeling towards metal. The band is self-loathing but not self-sabotaging. Placing headphones blaring BIB into your eardrums has the empowering effect of plugging a phone charger into an outlet; you’re struck with a visceral surge of energy that is possibly dangerous. Play BIB while walking down the street in your hood, and no one is going to fuck with you. BIB continues their wall of noise style production on this release, with delayed vocals that sound like they're being tossed off of a mountain. BIB mixes quick, full chord riffs with crushing breakdowns. Vocals weave between child like shrill barks, primordial grunts, and pressure reducing singing. The final track, P. M. F. ends the record with a chaotic blast of organ that perfectly captures BIB's pop and hardcore sound. The straight ahead, downstroke pounding demo has been compared to the likes of Hoax mixed with Pissed Jeans, this EP is one step over! This band slays harder than riot police at a G8 summit.
  • Jordan, Minnesota
    Passing Complexion
    Big Money
    Bad Houses
    Fists Of Love
    Stinking Drunk
    Bazooka Joe
    Strange Things
    Cables (Live)



    [engl] Originally Released in 1985, and now re-mastered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering, Big Black's first full-length album Atomizer gets the treatment as a 30th anniversary reissue including a double-sided insert and a digital download coupon! This remastered version of Atomizer also includes the song "Strange Things" which appeared on the first pressing of Atomizer, but was not present on subsequent vinyl pressings nor on The Rich Man's Eight Track CD. To put this release into context for the uninformed: Big Black began in 1982. Steve Steve Albini, then a sophomore at Northwestern University, fanzine writer and loudmouth, released the Lungs EP on the Chicago co-operative label Ruthless (whose other artists at the time included Naked Raygun and the Effigies). Lungs was recorded in his apartment on a borrowed 4-track for the price of one case of beer. After that record's release, Jeff Pezzati (singer for Naked Raygun) and Santiago Durango (Naked Raygun, Arsenal), both linchpins of the burgeoning Chicago music scene, joined Big Black. During this period, the band established itself as a live act, recorded two more records, the Bulldozer EP and the Racer-X EP, toured the U.S., and had - in general- a pretty good time. Jeff Pezzati's other obligations precipitated his departure from the band in 1984, when he was replaced by Dave Riley, bass player for Chicago swing-punk band Savage Beliefs. This lineup persisted until the band's self-destruction in August of 1987. Big Black toured the U.S., England, Europe, and Austrailia. They recorded a sh**load of records: Il Duce 45, Atomizer LP, Headache EP (which bore the heartbreakingly-honest disclaimer "Warning! Not as good as Atomizer. Don't get your hopes up, Cheese."), Heartbeat 45, He's A Whore 45, Songs About Fucking LP, and Pig Pile LP / Video.
    EAN 0036172079315
  • cover



    [engl] Limited edition released of 350 handnumbered copies with two-color silkscreened sleeves! This EP contains 4 new and exclusive tracks with super-blasting sound, being in the vein of the INTELLIGENCE and CRASH NORMAL, with nods to the A FRAMES, like a more fuzzy rocking version of the MAE SHI, like a buzzsaw crazed-up version of MONORCHID, and also reminiscent of sadly forgotten 90's classics like HARRIET THE SPY...
  • 01. BiSimulation
    02. STUPiG
    03. DiE
    04. FiNAL DANCE
    05. Fly
    06. IDOL
    07. BiS_kaidan 2



    [engl] BISKAIDAN are back with a vengeance, and a very loud one to top it off !?The japanese all-star band is still playing its very own brand of music, perverting?the quirkiness of metal influenced idol tunes with a love for shrieking and?uncompromising sonic assaults. On this second offering, they deliver 7 brand?new renditions of their now typical idol-noise music with a fierce and?destructive energy.?But then, what else can you expect from HIJOKAIDAN and BiS members ?
  • 01. Evening State
    02. Forty Two
    03. Reflector
    04. Denture Beach
    05. Forty Three
    06. After The Click
    07. Or With Eyes Closed
    08. Libreville
    09. Read This
    10. Unhook That Boy


    Live It

    [engl] From the same studio that brought us 48 Chairs (Gerry & The Holograms), The Fall and The Blue Orchids, while following the bona-fide bloodline between Danny And The Dressmakers, Toolshed and 808 State, the “difficult second album” by Biting Tongues (released on a minuscule cassette run by The Buzzcocks vanity label) has since become a near mythical artefact of Mancunian DIY. Cementing the path between the Absurd label’s kitchen sink synth assaults and Factory’s 99 informed downtown aspirations, Biting Tongues’ bass-driven, pounding-sounding, schizo-skronking, squat-pop put the emergence of punk-funk under a blinding interrogation bulb then hid round the corner evading secret police. Pouring three letter words like ESG, DAF, PIL and ACR into Ken Hollings Scrabble bag would result in a unique form of wordy dictaphone agit-rap and closed-circuit commentary to Graham Massey’s overqualified punk ensemble, laying foundations of future Manc activity using uncertified sand and gravel tactics, only to be safety checked every 38 years, or thereabout. Live It, the lost Biting Tongues album, still breathes. Including what the original members of this pioneering post-punk platoon unanimously consider their greatest work, Biting Tongues seldom-heard, second roll of the dice was presented to The Buzzcock’s own label New Hormones to coincide with full-length DIY debuts by Ludus, Dislocation Dance and a distinct tightening of pursestrings. Recorded on half-price studio time (in the midst of a multi-track repair session) and duped on to compact cassettes to keep pressing costs down, the album Live It even entirely bypassed the non-existent art-department before landing in the hands of a small readership of peculiar punk die-hards, instantly slipping into obscurity, evading official band future discographies and reaching an imaginary status in the history of unchartered Manc-manufactured messthetics. Now available, on vinyl, with two sleeve variations and extensive notes from Graham Massey and Ken Hollings, Live It is a welcome misplaced release and an essential addition to Finders Keepers’ Cache Cache catalog. Biting Tongues make wise heads!
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