• 01. El Mundo Sigue
    02. Escapar
    03. Ser Una Más
    04. Sabanas Viejas
    05. Juegos Prohibidos
    06. Necesito Combustible
    07. Animal
    08. Solo Ves Lo Peor
    09. En La Oscuridad
    10. Viejas Trampas
    11. Mi Amiga Murió


    Juegos Prohibidos

    Following their four-song demo from 2022, FUERA DE SEKTOR are back with their debut LP. Sharing members with BARRERA and ALGARA, the Barcelona-based band have carved their own sound, mixing the amphetamine edge of 80’s punk with the angular post punk sensibility. The extremely isolated guitar work takes centre stage, navigating a sea of mid-tempo riffs, and backed by an extremely solid rhythm section to perfectly seal the recording. Think the pop side of LOS ILEGALES or LOS TRAIDORES, the sexuality of DESECHABLES, and the uniqueness of LA’s X. FUERA DE SEKTOR lyrics look at the world from an existentialist angle with a dark and poetic approach to complement their music perfectly. Full of desire, lust, loss and confusion, each song unravels as a very modern anxious tale. It’s an album that stands on its own in the current DIY landscape.
    Release date
  • 01. Indestructable
    02. Smarm
    03. Gone Fishing
    04. Everwas
    05. Jack Christ
    06. As Your Mind Closed
    07. Rant
    08. World
    09. Dogsong
    10. Room
    11. Paradoxical Thing
    12. Handful Of Earth
    13. Big Freeze
    14. Truly Beautiful
    15. Rant (7" Single Mix)
    16. Song About A Dog (7" Single Mix)
    17. Indestructible (7" Single Mix)
    18. Room (7" Single Mix)
    19. Handful Of Earth (7" Single Mix)
    20. Jack Christ (7" Single Mix)
    21. Paradoxical Thing (7" Single Mix)
    22. Hey Hey


    Complete Discography

    You know as a musician if you ever supported Wat Tyler you really should consider giving up. Luckily for you Jesse ignored that non-existent rule and despite a European Tour together, they ploughed ahead and recorded this LP. It never sold in massive numbers but that’s neither here nor there. it still holds a special place in my heart. Sean Forbes (Wat Tyler / Rugger Bugger Discs - Gypsy Hill, London Town)
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    DoLP white
    Release date
    DoLP blue
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    DoLP swirl
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    Release date
  • 01. Fills de La Nit
    02. Working Class Drama
    03. Citat Vella
    04. Alienados


    Fills De La Nit

    BRUX are back with four tracks of their trademark sound. Four flanged out hard hitting anthems, mixing the sharpest possible post punk with the roughest street rock’n’roll vocals. They keep their boots firmly pressed between two styles which seem polar opposites, resulting in new sounds made up of old formulas. Too angular for boot boys yet too crude for trendy post punkers. Blending both BLITZ eras with Death rock and current punk wave, and resulting on a fully formed band not afraid of displaying all their influences at once.
    Release date
  • 01. Nightmare
    02. Heathen (Code Z)
    03. Just Because
    04. Temptation
    05. Zouo
    06. Evolution
    07. Mutation
    08. Purpose
    09. Burn
    10. Fear The Justice
    11. Human
    12. Tokyo
    13. Life Is...



    The New Wave of Brutality and Hardcore Massacre has arrived. Tokyo punks KRIEGSHÖG are back with their first full length. After 3 7”s that we love at LVEUM they finally went for the album. Thirteen tracks of extremely bass driven hardcore destruction. The recording is relentless, full of energy and distorted. Yet moving from the ultra blown out recording of their earlier output. This is the band’s most dynamic recording so far and in our humble opinion is destined to be a classic and genre defining album.
    Release date
  • 01. Descent
    02. Phantom Soul
    03. This Path
    04. Passed On
    05. Draksådd
    06. Undone
    07. Unseen
    08. Let It Lie
    09. Like Dust
    10. Corruption Of Form
    11. Spectre At The Feast


    Spectre at the feast

    Diakron is a band that grew out of a recording made by Andreas (ex-Counterblast, Hexgrafv), Palle and Jocke, also the former members of Counterblast and active in Sanctum and Pale. The idea was from the beginning to record some song ideas left after Counterblast closed in 2017. Once started, the song list was filled with new compositions and now, there are eleven of them. In terms of genre, we probably end up somewhere in punk / sludge / doom metal
    Release date
  • 01. Mental Kollaps
    02. Kylan Biter
    03. Kalkbomb
    04. Pray To God (Dig Your Own Grave)
    05. Epic Battles
    06. Realities
    07. Kapitalistregim
    08. The End (Discharge)
    09. Mental Kollaps (live)
    10. Kylan Biter (live)
    11. Kalkbomb (live)
    12. Epic Battles (live)


    The End

    Obscure and underrated swedish raw punk / d-beat HAVERI and their best material for the first time on vinyl! Recordings from 2009, live songs from 2010. Remastered for vinyl 2022. 300 copies pressed, black vinyls only.
    Release date
  • 01. The System's Against Me
    02. One Earth
    03. In And Out (Of Jail)
    04. After The War
    05. Liberty
    06. Bit För Bit
    07. Without Warning
    08. Death Comes Tumbling Down
    09. Riot
    10. Napalm Sticks Like Glue
    11. Live vs. Exist
    12. See Thru Their Lies


    Death Comes Tumbling Down

    Stockholm d-beat. 2nd album from swedish d-beat / raw punk band SCARED EARTH. Inspired by bands as Anticimex, Headcleaners, Svart Parad. Members from Dom Där, Svart Parad, Martial Mosh, Dissober.
    Release date
  • 01. Svaveldioxid - Ruttna Bort
    02. Svaveldioxid - Statliga Mord
    03. Parasit - Tysta Skrik
    04. När Skiten Rasar



    Swedish double d-takt attack! What we can say?
    Release date
  • 01. City Of Vermin
    02. Weaponize
    03. Time Is Running Out
    04. Farce


    Police Systém

    New 7"EP from these canadian punkers. Raw and angry hardcore / punk in UK82 style. FFO Broken Bones, GBH, Discharge.
    Release date
  • 01. Slug
    02. Celebreation
    03. Elephant In The Room
    04. Escalator Man
    05. Keeps Ya Head Up
    06. Kerosene
    07. Never Enough
    08. Realest
    09. Last Guy At The Disco
    10. All Good Ends Must Come To A Thing


    Total Reality

    Total Reality is the sound of a group in constant forward motion, finding new sounds and new ways to express their joy and catharsis in making music together. On album opener 'Slug' the band sing ‘I’m feeling like a slug so I gotta visit the doctor’, and though reliably tongue-in-cheek you get the feeling they mean it - the members using Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice as a vessel to lift each other up while unpacking the collective fatigue of life in late-capitalist society. “A mood like that, you're apt to stay in it, not dial your way out. Despair like that, about total reality, is self-perpetuating." - Philip K Dick On their third LP Total Reality - a title ripped from the classic sci-fi novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ - Dr Sure's Unusual Practice tackle lofty issues through a hopeful lense, avoiding the often cynical pastiche of modern punk music. Total Reality touches on varied influences - proto-punk to post-punk, new wave to no wave, krautrock to trip-hop - to concieve something fresh and inspired. Beginning in 2018 as a solo project, here Dougal Shaw is joined by an ever-expanding collective. In addition to a core band (Jake Suriano, Miranda Holt, Tali Harding-Hone, Mathias Dowle) the new record features contributions from Jack McCullagh (Cracodile), Stu Patterson (The Empty Threats/Placement), Alannah Sawyer (Babyccino/Mouseatouille), as well as Shaw’s partner Alivia Lester, and baby Blue - who also adorns the album cover. An almost polar approach to the band’s acclaimed second LP ‘Remember The Future? Vol. 2 & 1’, which was tracked live in a recording studio, Shaw refers to Total Reality as a ‘collage album’. There are pieces of pandemic-era demo’s; drum machines coexisting with a live-tracked rhythm section; fresh collaborations; layers of guitars, synths, horns and percussion; collected field recordings and samples - all cut and glued in Shaw’s home studio to realise an expansive and colourful record.
    Release date
  • 01. Destruct - Omnicide
    02. Destruct - Coming Terror
    03. Destruct - Two State Solution
    04. Destruct - Throughout The War
    05. Scarecrow - Sixth Mass Extinction
    06. Scarecrow - The Agreement
    07. Scarecrow - Compensation
    08. Scarecrow - Space Race
    09. Dissekerad - Uppåt
    10. Dissekerad - Mata Med Lögner
    11. Dissekerad - Girighet
    12. Dissekerad - Mot Vänster
    13. Rat Cage - Kill The Autocrats
    14. Rat Cage - Twist Of The Vice
    15. Rat Cage - Perfect World
    16. Rat Cage - Blitz Raid Bombers


    Screaming Death

    The seeds of this project were planted in early 2021. The mission statement was to create a 4-way split 12” in the tradition of classic hardcore compilations in a similar vein as Thrash ‘Til Death. 4 bands from 3 different countries, each contributing several raging hardcore offerings – all fresh material unique to this compilation. DESTRUCT and SCARECROW from USA, DISSEKERAD from Sweden, and RAT CAGE from England all deliver their personal brand of bludgeoning raw hardcore punk at peak performance.
    Release date
  • 01. Outcast
    02. R.A.G.E.
    03. Shove It Up
    04. Frauds
    05. Vulture's Feast
    06. Fucked Up
    07. The Rat Race
    08. Demons
    09. Sick Society
    10. N.M.A.
    11. Snakes
    12. Another Day In Paradise
    13. A New Cold War
    14. Working Class Zero


    The Rat Race

    2nd album from "all-star" d-beat band from Sweden.
    Release date
  • 01. Hello (It's Me Are You There)
    02. Water It
    03. Fly High
    04. Oh Sister
    05. Lullaby
    06. Kampala Traffic (Skit)
    07. Tambuula
    08. Miracle
    09. Kalangala (Skit)
    10. My Life
    11. Perfect World
    12. Zola's Dance
    13. All In
    14. Don't Fuss


    Fly High

    Jaqee's last album with the promising title "Fly High" leads the inclined listener into a sometimes idiosyncratic fermentation of street-ready R'n'B, pop aesthetics, jazz intellect, world music earthiness, chanting Afro soul and sensitivity and softness of classical music and orchestral warmth, which is defined by Jaqee's voice throughout all tracks, but never overridden. Thilo "Teka" Jacks, who produced "Fly High", is looking for musical salvation and the courage to change things up in order to illustrate unity, also in busy, heated, African sub-currents like High Life, but also in European dancefloor stereotypes and even traces of soca and merengue, all of course always only thought of, because the real main actor is and remains Jaqee's sustained singing, her unique intonation and her voice, which sometimes sounds clear and angry, other times fragile and sensitive - that's the way it should be. Despite or precisely because of this immensely expressive character of the album, it is advisable to listen to the work several times: Jaqee makes music with sophistication and expression and a look that also allows for sheer black music entertainment, "Fly High" proves this with lasting effect. "Fly High" is now available on vinyl for the first time.
    LP lim
    Release date
  • 01. Natty Dread
    02. Pink Drunken Elephant
    03. Moonshine
    04. Kokoo Girl
    05. Land Of The Free
    06. Take It Or Leave It
    07. Take A Walk With Me
    08. Take The Train
    09. Voodoo Elephant
    10. Letter To Samson
    11. The Day B4 Last
    12. Healing Waters


    Kokoo Girl

    LP lim
    Release date
  • 01. Hero (Intro)
    02. Yes I Am
    03. Does He Love Me
    04. Dance
    05. Drop Of Water
    06. Smile
    07. Take A Stand
    08. Muziki
    09. Docta Martens
    10. Bad Mind
    11. A Mighty Good Time


    Yes I Am

    Jaqee – is rhythm and life ”Places becoming journeys in themselves… Different places where I have lived and learned, places that have made my heart beat, the emotional realms that I have experienced. This is where it all starts, every time. Where I am is where it happens, because I am, there. Here.” She sings. She laughs! And she cries, too. Jaqee cannot tell when music and singing became her life, it has ”just always been there, in my head” she says. Now with the fourth album she has taken a closer look at herself, from every possible angle. No hiding. Different phases, different sides of her personality and musical creativity are all there. All as one. ”I am a diaspora kid, I fell in love with all kinds of music, I let myself embrace it all, because good music, is good music. All the way from Uganda at age 13 to the new home and culture in Sweden, then leaving Sweden as an adult for Berlin – has made me the Jaqee that I am”, says the Ugandan /Swedish artist who also received a Swedish Grammy nomination for her past work. Being on the move is without a doubt an important part of her life. “For me travelling is about being exposed to different perceptions, situations, cultures and extreme emotions, it has always made me grow. How many times have I not thought that: I wouldn’t have experienced this or that, if hadn’t been here. I love that feeling!” Jaqee’s music reflects this constant movement and progress. The album is inspired by places like Berlin, South Africa and Jamaica. The trip to Jamaica resulted in the only collaboration track on “Yes I am” recorded in Kingston with reggae artist Anthony B. Teka, the “Kokoo Girl” and “Yes I am” Producer says: ”This time around, like on the last album, we have worked with our colleagues in different countries. Musicians we love and musicians that are inspiring like Martin Hederos (The Soundtrack of our lives) who arranged the strings on the album. We also had New York drummer Daru Jones of Rusic Records play on some tracks. All these talents enhance the idea and expression that we wanted for “Yes I am”. With the album done, it is again time to hit the road and tour for Jaqee. “Getting out there and meeting the crowd is a high. We laugh, we dance and we get loud together. This is the best part of working with music – having a good time together. Music is a universal language.” On composing music, she admits that this time, more than ever, the words matter. Newly found motherhood has made this album in particular a significant legacy. Every song has a life punctuation of its own she has not limited herself by thinking in genres. Making the tone very straightforward. “The melodies and lyrics are closely intertwined, how I sing a word makes all the difference. Even though I love word play, it has to be very clear. Since I am not educated in reading music, I instead visualize and hear it, it seems to be the way my system works. It is all about rhythm and life, it is “YES I AM“.
    LP lim
    Release date
  • 01. Come on
    02. Woman In Love
    03. Mr. Nkwagaala
    04. Freedom
    05. Holding me (Who Jah Bless)
    06. Goodlife
    07. Tribal ( ft. Jahringo )
    08. Kingdom man ( ft. Petit Solo Diabaté )



    Love, Love, Love, Love will make you walk a thousandcmiles to be with her. She is the wisdomcyou long to have, the courage you nevercthought you had. Love is peace, she is patient, she is Kind. Love will heal that infected wound that you long gave up on to heal, more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction. Cuddled up in her grasp, her tears will roll down your face. She’s the real deal. She will fight for you, she will carry the sword for you, She will walk a thousand miles for you. She is sweet, very sweet. Welcome to Jaqee 6th and final album, a closure of a chapter in my artistry so far. This is not the end, it’s just a crossroad that is proudly and lovingly directing me into an unpredictable future. I felt a strong need for healing on this album, so I made way for Vulnerability. I have opened doors that are to be obediently followed as I dig deeper in the understanding of the one thing that we humans yearn so much for. Love is King.
    LP lim
    Release date
    EAN 4260016922437
  • cover

    3-WAY CUM


    40 songs, 2 vinyls, inlay, A2 poster, sticker, coloured vinyl edition - do you need more? Complete discography of one of the best crust bands in 90's coming out from Sweden. 3 WAY CUM!
    Release date
  • 01. Ain't No Time
    02. Under Your Key
    03. Maldita Rosa
    04. Too Late


    Plus Cool Que Toi

    Third 45 by this band from Spanish Wind City Saragossa, first on mighty garage label Wild Cave, to confirm they're definitely a band to keep an eye on if you dig garage-rock. Their music oozes love for classic 60's garage bands with that extra dark moodiness of 80's garage revival that will make you remember your fave fuzz bands from the past. But that's not all! The Crawlies also got that not-so-common delicacy when crafting bittersweet melodies for mid-tempo songs that brings to mind names such as Cynics or Miracle Workers; they show versatility delivering r&b-punk kics ala Crimson Shadows and prove they got what it takes to record topnotch garage-powerpop numbers ala Stems or Sick Rose. This new ep – wisely produced by legend Mike Mariconda – is a sounding proof of all this, more powerful and tighter than ever before. Do you miss early Dr Explosion or Hollywood Sinners? Now you don't have to, The Crawlies are here!.
    Release date
  • 01. Biker Run
    02. Cementerio Bop
    03. Noche de Walpurgis
    04. Princesa de Alquiler
    05. No Puedo Hacerte Mia
    06. Licor Café
    07. Negro y Espeso
    08. Nini Promesa
    09. No Puede Ser
    10. I Need You Now
    11. Happy Halloween
    12. Te Quieren Matar


    Noche de Walpurgis

    Release date
  • 01. Party
    02. Ugly
    03. Born Angry
    04. What's Wrong
    05. Turning You Into
    06. Psycho
    07. More Fuzz!
    08. Sick
    09. Eyegor
    10. Better World
    11. My Boyfriend's Dead
    12. We're Pretty Quick


    More Fuzz

    From Canada, The Jukeez are the new sensation of the Quebec garage music scene. With two members of the well-known band Les Envahisseurs (Julie Sauriol & Olivier Mercedi) and a third member called Simon Von Tiki, these fuzz beasts introduce us to a first studio album full of rabid, raw and melodic garage nuggets. They love to party, fuzz, terror and humour, armed with a powerful voice, sharp guitars and a powerful rhythm section these three furious cats bring a huge vintage and cavernous sound that will undoubtedly delight the followers of the most primitive and festive rock & roll. For their first long play they have created eleven of their own compositions and one great cover, as well as having some great collaborations, Martin Savage on saxophone ("Born Angry" and "More Fuzz!" and Tom Lambert on guitar ("Turning you into" and "The Better World"). After self-releasing a first demo on cd format "Dig them crazy cats" and being part of a split on 7" vinyl shared with The Toxetes for Chaputa records, it is now in 2022 when they decide to release this great LP that will undoubtedly please the specialised media and will be the consolidation for the Canadians. Don't let it escape you, run and buy this future classic, fuzz till death my friends!
    Release date
  • 01. Take Your Chance
    02. Greener Than Green
    03. Good Woman
    04. Who's Been Walking
    05. Chills And Fever


    Take Your Chance With...

    First EP from The Capellas, the sensational new Soul and R&B band, born to thrill you and make you shake your hips. All tracks recorded at North Down Sound Studio in Kent, you will find here 4 brilliant new songs and a fine cover of Paul Kelly "Chills And Fever" (bonus track only available as digital download). The line -up is Elsa Whittaker (Jack Cades, Missing Souls, Vocals), Mike Whittaker (Baron Four, Vicars, Paper Lips, Guitars), Mole (Embrooks, Mystreated, Baron Four, Groovy Uncle, Stewed and others, Bass) and Yan (drums).
    Release date
  • 01. Plus Cool Que Toi
    02. High Numbers
    03. La Fin Du Monde
    04. Sans Toi
    05. Agent 00 Fuzz
    06. Little Dalila
    07. Tara King
    08. Amar Te Duele
    09. Alcachofa's Twist
    10. Girl From 65


    Plus Cool Que Toi

    Lord Diabolik's third album is here, and once again our favorite frañoles give us a great garage rock album full of grit, energy and fun. Franky and Nene do not fail, they are a sure value, each new album released by the atomic duo raises a little more the bar of compositional excellence within the European garage scene, and with "Plus Cool Que Toi" they hit the bull's eye again and propose us a wild, elegant and danceable succession of addictive musical hits created for the enjoyment of the whole world family of rock & roll. 10 shots 10 hits, French, Spanish, English... Garage, R&B, Beat, Surf, Rock & Roll? there is nothing that resists them and of course there is no other group like them, these masters of rock & roll garage sixties have created an infallible and irresistible formula made in Perpignan that is still unbeatable today. Recorded in Canohes by Tony Bender at "La Chambre" studio. Mastered by the great Marc Hacquet at Speed Records studios in Valencia. The fantastic artwork is again the work of the great graphic artist Fer Rayos X.
    Release date
  • 01. Promises
    02. Savages
    03. Party Time
    04. Eroded Freedom
    05. Hypocrite
    06. Condemned To Live In Dear


    Undesirable Guests

    Long overdue official reissue of one of the most absolutely raging UK hardcore punk records. The first 12" from 1984 by this cult band took the ferocity, and raw sound of bands like Discharge, Disorder, and Chaos UK, and blended it with the current anarcho-punk sound, a style that continued to gain traction with excellent bands like Anti-System, A.O.A., or S.A.S. High quality, no frills, 45rpm pressing with artwork and mastering that is faithful to the original. This reissue finally makes a full lyric sheet available as well, which is made from various promo materials the band sent out with letters during the ‘80s.
    Release date
  • 01. Takeout Dinner
    02. Interwebs
    03. Dead To The World
    04. Karaoke Booth (gratis)
    05. Private Mind
    06. Loose Change
    07. Rubix Cube
    08. Home Alone
    09. No Sleep
    10. Poke You In The Eye


    Rocanrol In Mono

    LP lim
    Release date