• 01. I Hate You
    02. Hole In The Wall
    03. Mother I Love Satan
    04. E.M.P.
    05. Smash The Mirror
    06. No Life No Life
    07. Submachine Love
    08. Wake Up Drunk
    09. Horrible Death
    10. Someone I Can Talk To
    11. Skrewed
    12. I'm Gonna Waste You
    13. Rich Kid


    Heaven is no Fun

    [engl] By 2016 a teenage Drew Owen had put himself on everyone's radar releasing a whopping 19 records (and that was just under the Sick Thought moniker) on pretty much every punk label that mattered over a span of three years. At the time I thought of him as a teenage novelty, an endearing sometimes pesky younger punk sibling who I kept telling "NO YOU PUT OUT WAY TOO MUCH STUFF." However in 2016 Drew sent me what became the "18 & Free" single and had me eating my words, eagerly releasing a single for the kid I kept telling never. Now its 2022 and SICK THOUGHTS are back on TOTAL PUNK with a brand new LP. Drew has proven himself far more than a novelty and here I am eagerly footing the bill again. The shitty attitude is still intact and the songs are still about breaking stuff but the ramshackle production and rough edged tunes of early Sick Thoughts are gone. 13 scorching riff heavy tracks that run the gambit from Stiv fueled Power Pop to ‘Cherie Love Affair’ style Sleaze Rock all masterfully recorded by Drew and Michael Hohan with Drew playing all the instruments. Great music for licking knives or lighting your wallet on fire. Nasty, catchy as fuck, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!!!
    LP lim
  • 01. Fragments
    02. Submission
    03. Torture
    04. Dejection
    05. The Prison
    06. Futureless
    07. Hangman
    08. Torment
    09. Reprobation
    10. Partisan
    11. Bloodlust
    12. Defiance
    13. Defection
    14. Blitzkrieg
    15. Nuclear Family
    16. Dogsbody
    17. Shellshock
    18. Slasher
    19. It's Beautiful
    20. False Power
    21. Shot At Dawn
    22. Uniforms
    23. Dismantle
    24. Calm Mind


    Lick The Boot, Lose Your Teeth: The EP's

    [engl] Compiling all E.P.'s by Bootlicker, "Lick The Boot, Lose Your Teeth" presents 24 tracks originally released over four 7"s dating back to 2017. From the earliest incarnation of the band and the start of their signature production and sound to where they are now. With the overblown martial drumming, completely pinned clean guitar attack, Bootlicker has been a fresh take on D-Beat tradition with a handful of Oi/UK82 and American Hardcore influence on the side. Each 7" is compiled here and represents a different phase of the band. The completely broken speaker aggression of "Who Do You Serve", the slight Rock 'n' Roll influenced "Nuclear Family" and bare bones approach of the "Six Track E.P." all paved the way to a more realized sound in "How To Live Life". Instead of tracking down each out of print, individual E.P. Here they are for the taking.
  • 01. Black Site
    02. Known Unknown
    03. Slam Slam Slam
    04. Answer To A Lower Power
    05. Spell It Out
    06. All You Do (Is Want Me To Die)
    07. Military Option
    08. Ethnostate
    09. Life Crime
    10. Kleptocracy
    11. Balance Of Hatred


    Web Of Lies / Death Won't Even Satisfy

    [engl] "Web of Lies / Death Won’t Even Satisfy is the vinyl debut from this hardcore band from New Jersey, and it is a full-bore scorcher. Ammo plays ferocious US-style hardcore with a lunging, unhinged style that reminds me of groups like early Agnostic Front, Void, and Eye for an Eye-era Corrosion of Conformity… not so much in style, but in the way Ammo sounds like they’re maniacs who might materialize out of your home speakers in order to slash your throat. It’s a rare enough feat to capture this sort of wild energy on tape, but Ammo fuses this crazy energy with memorable songwriting, with tracks like “Black Site,” “Slam Slam Slam,” and “Ethnostate” hitting even harder because they’re so damn catchy. Sounding fast and crazy is Ammo’s forte, but their secret weapon is their ability to play at mid tempo, like on the crushing NYHC-style mosh part in “Known Unknown” and the singalong during the breakdown to the epic “All You Do (Is Want Me to Die).” I love music that expands hardcore’s boundaries, but Ammo isn’t that… they distill hardcore its essence, their sound ground down to the sharpness of a knife’s edge. This is not a record to sleep on."
  • 01. I Know Everything
    02. Direct Action
    03. New Band
    04. Interzone
    05. My Hole
    06. Bad Future
    07. Dark Star
    08. Mark Essex


    Cellular Automaton

    [engl] By 2016 a teenage Drew Owen had put himself on everyone's radar releasing a whopping 19 records (and that was just under the Sick Thought moniker) on pretty much every punk label that mattered over a span of three years. At the time I thought of him as a teenage novelty, an endearing sometimes pesky younger punk sibling who I kept telling "NO YOU PUT OUT WAY TOO MUCH STUFF." However in 2016 Drew sent me what became the "18 & Free" single and had me eating my words, eagerly releasing a single for the kid I kept telling never. Now its 2022 and SICK THOUGHTS are back on TOTAL PUNK with a brand new LP. Drew has proven himself far more than a novelty and here I am eagerly footing the bill again. The shitty attitude is still intact and the songs are still about breaking stuff but the ramshackle production and rough edged tunes of early Sick Thoughts are gone. 13 scorching riff heavy tracks that run the gambit from Stiv fueled Power Pop to ‘Cherie Love Affair’ style Sleaze Rock all masterfully recorded by Drew and Michael Hohan with Drew playing all the instruments. Great music for licking knives or lighting your wallet on fire. Nasty, catchy as fuck, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!!!
    LP lim
  • 01. Indro
    02. OGz With The Doombox
    03. Let Em Set It
    04. Money Mean
    05. Best Ho
    06. The Result
    07. Born On A Rock
    08. Horse Fist Hella Raw
    09. Nemesis Enforcer
    10. West Bay Propane
    11. Stoutro


    The Result

    [engl] Hot on the heels of 2021's excellent debut, "Demolition Strictly", Luke Sick and DJ Eons packed a brand new bowl of drowsed out West Bay hip-hop. This time around though they decided to do it the OG way by making all the beats with a PT01 plugged directly into a SP-404 (all beats sequenced in the SP-404 too). Damn! and guess what? *ahem*, the result blows all expectations straight out the tunnel. GI is unstoppable. Limited to 200 pro-printed red shelled cassettes housed in a J-card sleeve inside a clear Norelco box. Recorded and mixed at The Invincible Lab and The Rooftops of Monte Vista by DJ Eons One. Mastered by Dan Randall. Art by Luke Sick, Dan Lactose and L-Wood Media.
    LP orange
  • 01. The Pilot's Sister
    02. Hollywood hat schon immer unsere Ideen geklaut
    03. Landing Is O.K.
    04. In France Undercover
    05. Jimmy Is A Murderer
    06. She Crashed Her Car In The Backyard
    07. Love Controllers
    08. One Night In Bangkok
    09. This Is Our Situation
    10. Poor Soul Relax
    11. Love Hungry Man
    12. She Said It's O.K.
    13. Audience (Alternative Version)
    14. Tips For Performers (Alternative Version)
    15. Filler
    16. This Is Not Science Fiction
    17. Free Masons In The House
    18. Warehouse
    19. Ain’t That Something
    20. Velvet Speck
    21. Polka
    22. Ignore It
    23. Sometimes I Wonder If You'd Been A Dog In A A Previous Life
    24. And Not Quite Made
    25. The Transition
    26. Property
    27. Let’s Stay In Bed
    28. One For The Witches (WIFS Cover)


    Why Robocop Kraus became the love of my life

    [engl] Long time no hear: after an extended hiatus and just the occasional gig, Robocop Kraus have rewired and reunited. They’re back in the game. Almost a quarter of a century has passed since the band was formed, a period which saw them release on labels like L’Age D’Or, Epitaph, and Anti. Now they have put together a compilation featuring all of the tracks which, for one reason or another, were not available on their regular albums, with an intriguing number of rarities and previously unreleased material. Founded in the late 1990s by members of former (secondary modern and grammar) school bands in the small Middle Franconian town of Hersbruck, endowed with the most rudimentary technical skills on their respective instruments (the deal was that every band member would play an instrument he had yet to master) and unafraid of hammering out songs from blatantly pilfered or well-worn musical ideas, the band was, to all intents and purposes, set up to fail. Nevertheless, Robocop Kraus became the love of our lives: 5 albums between the years of 1999 and 2007, the first on the band’s own label Swing Deluxe, the last on the internationally renowned Epitaph label. Hundreds of shows across Europe, the USA, Russia and Japan. Encounters and friendships with people and bands, adventures and events in squats, bars and clubs. Enough answers? Things quietened down in 2010, a lengthy break with just the odd show here and there. But last year, 2021, we had to concede that Robocop Kraus really are the love of our lives: a concert request was spontaneously accepted – surprising even the promoter, not to mention ourselves. Back to the rehearsal room. Now we are six and we have more instruments too. We had to listen back to the old songs so we could practise, and as we rummaged through the archives we happened upon the 28 songs now gathered here together for you. They range from our very first recordings to songs for (and in) 2022. EPs, compilation tracks, a few all-time faves like Poor Soul Relax (on vinyl for the first time) and previously unreleased songs or alternative versions. This ist he first ever Robocop Kraus double vinyl (check), with superb artwork by Lorenzo Zimmermann and meticulously detailed liner notes courtesy of the band, divulging no end of anecdotes or secrets true and false.
    EAN 4015698931068
  • 01. Der traurige Diktator
    02. Gute Reise
    03. Die falsche Uhr
    04. Derselbe Atem
    05. Millionen
    06. Buchstabensalat
    07. Aua
    08. Hinterlist
    09. Der Schrankenwärter
    10. Sprung
    11. In dieser Stadt
    12. Dunkle Töne
    13. Foto
    14. Aufschreiben & Wegradieren


    Die Utopie der Kosmonauten

    In und für eine Zeit in der alles bedrückt, aber kaum etwas beeindruckt - die neue „es war mord“ Langspielplatte. Infolge totaler Leere, Ideen aus der Ideenlosigkeit, über den Umgang mit dem Zustand, in unveränderter Lautstärke, mittendrin eine verzweifelte Stimme, der ganz normale Wahnsinn. Lieder über die groben Abläufe unliebsamer Situationen, wie der harte Aufschlag aus einer ungeraden Rechnung, genau richtig für den zu kurzen Keller, ohne übliche Vorhersehen etwas zu gewinnen. ausser den richtigen Wörtern vielleicht, die keinerlei Anspruch haben das richtige sagen zu müssen. das Konzept scheitern, die Utopie der Kosmonauten. Warum nach der Revolution erschossen werden? bleiben sie neugierig. Die Utopie der Kosmonauten
  • 01. Beatles Vs Stones
    02. Post Punk Posers
    03. Shuffle Boogie
    04. Shuffling Like Coins
    05. RnR Rubbish Bin
    06. Coastal Living 2
    07. Sharp As A Needle
    08. Moldy Dough


    Stained Glass

    [engl] Much loved, relentless rocker, Jake Robertson is back yet again with the next instalment of his ridiculously productive solo project, Alien Nosejob. Jake’s got a brand-new bag of tricks and I ain’t gonna beat around the bush; it sounds like AC/DC! Stained Glass may be his finest and most stylistically suited work to date. Ironically, and to quote his own sarcastic lyrics from the album’s second track, he definitely fits this shoe. Not only does Jake have the high-pitched pipes while many others don’t (obviously a vital part in this sound), but the guitar chops to pull off the sweet, sustained lead breaks of this particular style. And he does so in great fashion as you’ll be made immediately aware from the scorching solo on album opener, “Beatles vs, Stones”. Trust Jake to write a song with that title! But alas! it’s not all Bon Scott’s and Angus Young’s. Some Rikk Agnew guitar lines shine through on album closer, "Mouldy Dough". "Shuffle Boogie" marks Jake’s first ever stab at the shuffle backbeat - which he says is him knicking from Rose Tattoo what they knicked from AC/DC - but it also kinda sounds like a sped up Jean Genie or some lost Bowie boog. "RNR Rubbish Bin" stomps its way through five minutes of electrified solo’s and witty lyrics. Even Brian Johnston makes an appearance on the Ausmuteants sequel, “Coastal Living 2”; about growing up on the NSW Central Coast. The bulk (backing tracks) of Stained Glass were recorded by Mix Master Mikey (Young), over a Friday / Saturday in October last year - but by the sounds of it they spent just as much time eating Guzmen y Gomez, talking shit and hanging out as they did recording. Jake took the beds for the eight tracks home, tucked their sheets in tightly and the record was complete before years end.
    LP lim
  • 01. Intro
    02. Thomson Colour
    03. Tour De Repechage
    04. Glück
    05. This Sandy Piece
    06. Prado
    07. A little Asphalt Here And There
    08. Rocket Fuel
    09. Telema
    10. Esther
    11. Glas


    The John Peel Sessions

    [engl] Without a doubt, To Rococo Rot are an exception within the German music landscape. From 1995 until they broke up in 2014, the group around Robert Lippok, Ronald Lippok and Stefan Schneider researched a unique sound between electronic music, ambient, post-melancholy and the further development of a new, free music like krautrock. Pitchfork described their sound as "unmistakably digital, yet 100% human". With releases on labels such as Kitty-Yo, City Slang and Mute Records as well as concerts worldwide, the band has built a remarkable reputation. The trio was invited three times by John Peel to record radio sessions in the BBC studios. Bureau B is pleased to make the recordings from these three sessions from the years 1997 and 1999 available on record for the first time, which, in addition to the live versions of selected album tracks, also contains exclusive, unreleased songs.
    LP orange
    EAN 4015698204063
  • 01. Noch lange nicht
    02. Freue mich auf dich
    03. Warte
    04. Sei still
    05. A-i Akcam La
    06. Que Pa
    07. Als wäre nichts gewesen
    08. Begehre dich
    09. Nur noch Beben
    10. Mach mit mir was du willst
    11. Urlaub für ganz Berlin
    12. Längst fällig
    13) Gong A Minute



    [engl] The Berlin project Sprung Aus Den Wolken was part of the "Geniale Dilletanten" movement in the early 1980s, along with Einstürzende Neubauten and Mechanik Destrüktiw Komandöh. The band first re- leased an EP on ZickZack in 1981, followed by further releases on the band's own record label Faux Pas in 1982 and 1983, then on the French outlet Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier until 1991. The track Pas Attendre was part of the soundtrack of Wim Wender’s movie Der Himmel über Berlin and thus became an underground hit. Founder of the band Kiddy Citny is also a painter. His paintings of the Berlin Wall have been exhibited around the world and are now in private collections in the US, France and Japan. Bureau B is pleased to finally make the long out-of-print, self-titled album from 1982 available again. Carefully remastered, with reconstructed original artwork, numerous photos and liner notes by Alexander Hacke.
    EAN 4015698342253
  • 01. La Fine
    02. Futuro Programmato
    03. Sloi
    04. Addestrato Al Nulla
    05. Nel Buio
    06. Vite Cibernetiche
    07. Preferisco La Morte



    [engl] Italy has never had a shortage of ripping hardcore bands and SLOI is no exception. Featuring members of IMPULSO, TUONO and ASTIO, SLOI execute furious D-beat hardcore punk, channeling the clamorous spirit of legends past, such as WRETCHED, NEGAZIONE, INDIGESTI and STIGMATHE. They don’t let their influences overshadow their own work, however, which is firmly rooted in the eternal state of horrifying affairs. Hailing from Trento, SLOI take their name from a lead factory that poisoned the area over 40 years ago, called Società Lavorazioni Organiche Inorganiche. Many of its workers died of lead poisoning, while others took their own life in the Pergine Asylum, where they were being treated as mentally ill. SLOI vocalize seven nightmarish tracks in their native tongue, arguably one of the finest languages for spiting out hardcore punk, and each one will have you gripping the edge of your seat in white-knuckled fury. Swaying between full-blow D-beat assaults, complete with wall-of-noise fuzz, and pit-and-pogo ready bangers to satisfy your knuckle-dragging urges, they possess a razor-sharp production that is satisfyingly noisy and reverbed. In turn, each track assembles some of the finest features of the genre, hitting hard with nail-biting intensity: the drums crash on you like a pound of bricks, the guitars manically pace between savage riffs and crunchy chords you can sink your teeth into, and the bass is laid down throbbing and thick, pounding at your chest like an shock wave from a lead factory that’s just collapsed in a fire. Atop the wreckage stand SLOI, along with a cohort of peers currently flying the black flag of Italian hardcore resistance.
    LP orange
  • 01. Day Tripper
    02. Mr. X / Modern Technology
    03. Ricky's Hand
    04. I'm Your Money / Tora Tora Tora
    05. Cold
    06. Day Tripper (Instrumental)
    07. Mr. X / Modern Technology (Instrumental)
    08. Ricky's Hand (Instrumental)
    09. I'm Your Money / Tora Tora Tora (Instrumental)
    10. Cold (Instrumental)



    [engl] Under the name AREU AREU, the two CAMOUFLAGE musicians Heiko Maile and Marcus Meyn released a 5-track EP in 1992, which is now being re-released in an extended version and for the first time on vinyl. In 1991, a friend and companion of Heiko Maile and Marcus Meyn, the photographer Reiner Pfisterer, celebrated his 24th birthday. Instead of records or books, the two CAMOUFLAGE founders planned to present the birthday child with a performance by a band formed especially for the occasion and launched AREU AREU. After CAMOUFLAGE had just released their rather acoustic sounding album "Meanwhile", Maile and Meyn were more in the mood for purely electronic music, so this side project was just what they needed to play around with the electronic gear they had accumulated in their studio in the centre of the small town of Bietigheim in southern Germany. The result were cover versions of songs that had always strongly influenced Maile and Meyn: We hear "Day Tripper" (BEATLES), "Cold" (THE CURE), FAD GADGET's "Ricky's Hand" and a two-song medley of "I'm Your Money" (HEAVEN 17) and the DEPECHE MODE classic "Tora! Tora! Tora!". In addition, several versions of their legendary German-language song "Mr. X" were worked out. A few weeks after the party, Maile and Meyn told their A&R manager about the project, and in 1992 a small number of tracks were released in a small edition on CD. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of this release, the complete work of AREU AREU now appears on an album for the first time and we can state: AREU AREU created the perfect soundtrack for a party in the hot summer of 91: AREU AREU are danceable, unpolished and wild.
    LP red
    EAN 4015698141382
    EAN 4015698141382
  • 01. Drying Out
    02. Bleak Future
    03. Parasite
    04. Shoot To Kill
    05. Electric Shock
    06. Idle Hands
    07. Death Rattle
    08. Collapse


    Devoid Of Light

    [engl] Following up a demo as raging as Lexicon's was is a tough thing to do for most but holy shit Devoid Of Light powerstomps that thing to radioactive dust! KJ's deathly anger/despair ridden vocals are some of the most intense in modern history. The USHC infused noise-crust riffs fit perfectly into a tensely driven percussion grenade of anxious drums and bleary, life-questioning rage. Do we need to say "explosive"? Because that is exactly what the hell it is. Get fucked up, turn the fuzz to 11 and get as strong as humanly possible. Life can be a real piece of shit sometimes, let this be the soundtrack when it is. 400 copies on black and 200 copies on "Rainier" yellow 140gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with lyric insert, giant poster and download card included.
    LP orange
  • 01. My Favourite Part Of You
    02. Boxing Clever
    03. An Ordinary Street
    04. I Picked A Flower In Ispahan
    05. Le Voyageur
    06. Sweet Dollar Bill
    07. Wonderfull
    08. Wichi Tai To
    09. Delta Kiss
    10. L'Hiver Te Va Bien
    11. I Can't Own Her
    12. An Ordinary Girl
    13. Wild-eyed And Dishevelled
    14. Lights Were Dancing On The Ceiling


    Sean O'Hagan Presents: The Sunshine World Of Louis Philippe

    [engl] Louis Philippe is living the big dream: He's a famous football journalist AND a pop star. He writes, arranges, sings and plays the most elegant pop songs on our side of the Atlantic, he released on the legendary label él Records and his influence on the great Japanese Shibuya sound cannot be underestimated. So we are very pleased to present a long overdue compilation of some of the greatest Louis Philippe songs from the years 1994- 2007. Many of these songs are from albums that have been out of print for a long time, and some of them are being released on vinyl for the first time The album was expertly compiled by Louis Philippe's friend and sometime musical partner Sean O'Hagan (The High Llamas), who also wrote the liner notes. In them O'Hagan writes and recommends: „Lose yourself in this record and let me warn you. You ?ll be humming the tunes and reliving the chorus ?s and key changes for an age, and if you ?re a songwriter you will probably be lifting the melodies without realising is. That ?s the sign of a timeless classic.“ Anyone who knows the works of Louis Philippe will immediately agree with O'Hagan. Those who do not yet know Louis Philippe will agree with O'Hagan at the latest after listening to this album for the first time. They say that when Smokey Robinson sings, you hear violins. And when the great Louis Philippe sings, the sun rises, even on 21 December at midnight.
    EAN 4015698790979
  • 01. Under The Shadow
    02. Eyes
    03. Poison
    04. Terror
    05. Kill You
    06. Like The Devil
    07. Suffer Then Die
    08. Dead Dreams
    09. Psychoplasmics
    10. Cracked Skulls
    11. No One Left To Die
    12. Blood Drunkard



    [engl] Beyond the clearly scorching and well executed Disbones/crasher/d-beat/crust whatever you wanna call it bombastic hardcore that Eteraz has crafted on Villain, what strikes this listener most is that the whole thing is belted out in Persian. And it sounds fucking perfect. The harsh throat scraping sounds of the language add an extra layer of immediacy and power to an already flawless Discharge style delivery. Add that to a wall of tasteful distortion, acidic riffage and a drum battery that would detonate any unexploded ordinance within a 10 mile radius and you're starting to get the picture. 350 on black and 150 on trans green 140gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with printed inner sleeve, foldout poster and download card.
    LP orange
  • 01. Collapse
    02. Failsafe
    03. Idiopathic
    04. The Integral Accident
    05. Closure
    06. Visible Distance
    07. Failsafe (Sow Discord remix)
    08. The Integral Accident (Like Weeds remix)



    [engl] In today's music landscape its so easy to intellectualize "noise" since there isn't much for the average listener to grab on to. You are made to feel stupid if you don't get all the nonsensical bleeps and scrapes that every mediocre can swilling table stander can belch out. And then there are the reasons that noise music, yes I'll call it music because that's what the fuck it is, took hold in the first place, the real standouts, the people and bands that have made something wholly original and visceral and against conformity that you must take notice. Intensive Care falls firmly in that realm. Coming from roots within the hardcore, metal and powerviolence scenes these cage rattlers employ a myriad of instruments including but nit limited to drums, bass, vocals, tape loops, junk, electronics and more to craft a stunning array of beat driven harsh noise and metallic industrial sounds that you can - if you're not already destroying your surroundings - almost dance to.
  • 01. Afraid To Make Change
    02. Off The Screen
    03. Sad Purpose
    04. Roses Forever
    05. ADHD
    06. Ramblings Of Nothings
    07. Greedy Hands
    08. Backyards
    09. Stolen Love
    10. Vacant Inside
    11. Isolate The City
    12. Patterns Of Trust
    13. Rich Breath
    14. The Ladder


    Roses Forever

    [engl] Brain damaged skate thrash at it's lo-finest all the way from the eastern wilds of Halifax, NS. So raw that even the freshest catch calls it cannibal fodder. 14 filthy filthies come blasting at you in a mere 16 minutes, just long enough to back lip that crusty ledge, bail and pick the gravel out of your freshly opened road rash. 500 copies black 140 gr black vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with the premier issue of Concrete Flower skate zine included.
  • 01. Burning Desire
    02. Jacken It
    03. Worried Wart
    04. Living is a Waste of Time
    05. Flea Bump (Stoppy No Stoppy)
    06. Hang in There
    07. Buttcrack Man
    08. Stop Thinking of the Ways of the World
    09. In the Abyss of the Eclipse



    [engl] In yet another beer-fueled entry to Cleveland's storied rock'n'roll lineage, Flea Collar step up to the plate and smash home nine hits on their self-titled debut album. The Rustbelt gang of four (affectionately known as Spot, Sparky, Cookie, and Blitz) have spent the past decade'n'change honing their collective chops in groups like Bad Noids, Brown Sugar, Spike Pit, and Woodstock '99. Anywho, since their inception as Flea Collar with 2021's 'A Hole Is A Hole' on Tetryon Tapes, the gang landed at Rumpus Room Recording with Poopy Necröpondé (Sockeye) engineering their full length effort. Whether your opinion of Cleveland leans more towards r'n'r mecca or mistake on the lake, there's clearly something in the water supply and BOY, is it baked into what Flea Collar have created across these twenty-six odd minutes. Taking cues from the Non-Commercial side of CLE punk, British heavy metal, Japanese hardcore insanity, and good old fashioned Midwest rock'n'roll - Flea Collar have turned in an epic debut that lands somewhere between tongue-in-cheek & the impending dog bite illustrated on the front cover. Where this album fits into the utterly confounding cesspool of twenty-twenties culture is a coin toss, but the true heads out there may just GET IT. Flea Collar fucking rules!
  • 01. Cash Grab
    02. No Ambition
    03. Incomplete Thoughts
    04. Bootlicking Thieves
    05. Coming Down
    06. False Memories
    07. Tanya
    08. Before The World Ends


    Killing Life

    [engl] Grimy, depressive post-punk from the City of Flowers and Sunshine executed by the masterminds behind SMUT and SMIRK. "Killing Life" resonates with a monotonous yet melodic cruz through the bleak underworld of human nature and party fallout. A mouthful of bad LSD and worm dirt. Perfect for pandemic summer.
  • 01. Introduction
    02. Hologram
    03. DNA
    04. New Crime
    05. Strange Charm
    06. Among the Drain
    07. Swimmers
    08. The Future is Mine
    09. Matter Will Move
    10. The War
    11. Step Off
    12. Spiderweb
    13. Moving Target



    [engl] How much longer can we (LIVE)…if we’re only an (IMAGE)? That’s the question Freak Genes (FG) pose in their new album Hologram. Put down your electric scriber. Answers on wax only. Discover the difference between manifest and (MIRAGE), solid and (SHAPELESS), real and (INFORMATION_REDACTED). But here is what we actually know: Freak Genes are Charlie Murphy (LIFE_FORMS, GAMMA, FRESH_SPECIMEN, ISOLATION) and Andrew Anderson (PROTO_IDIOT, KAKE?). Hologram is their (FIFTH) album. The (LABEL) is Feel It Records. The playing length is (INFORMATION_REDACTED). There are (THIRTEEN) tracks.
  • 01. Enemy
    02. Terminal
    03. How Did It Feel?
    04. Stagnation
    05. Travesty
    06. Prison
    07. Effigy
    08. Violent Minds
    09. Modern Addictions
    10. Casualty


    Volume 1

    [engl] SLANT are back with 17 minutes of pure bristling rage. Corrosive hardcore music for the pit AND the pendulum recalling the stomping catchy vibes of recent luminaries like BOSTON STRANGLER or VIOLENT REACTION but channeling back to previous 80s hitters in the YOUTH OF TODAY/MINOR THREAT vein too. All with an absolutely visceral feminine, ahem... slant to it. Ha, I couldn't resist that one. This band is a shining light in the South Korean scene and is anxious to get out in the world once the world happens again. We can't wait for you to see that.
  • 01. Material World's Unfair
    02. Revenge
    03. Heathen Means
    04. Symmetry
    05. Living in Hell
    06. Souvenir
    07. Hopeless
    08. Total Reality
    09. God's Light
    10. At the Pantomime



    [engl] As the Decline of Western Civilization comes into full focus, our ears turn once again to Los Angeles. The first proper full length from Smirk could very well be the soundtrack to a Decline pt. IV, with tracks like "Living in Hell" and "Hopeless" delivered for a whole new generation of latchkey kids. 'Material' follows 2021's 100% TOTAL PUNK 'EP' and 2020's 'LP', which collected the first two cassettes-de-quarantine that began Nick Vicario's run as Smirk. If you've worn out your copies of those releases, then 'Material' needs no further explanation. But if you're wondering where the magic is - let's start with pure, quality songwriting. Vicario and his revolving cast of Smirk players have really done it this time. It's punk, California, paranoia, guitars, rhythm, and a sense of humor-slash-purpose joining forces to combat reality in the truest sense. Smirk have produced an impressive punk encapsulation of the times across the web of sound on 'Material'.
  • 01. Anything to Get it
    02. Laughing at What I Forgot
    03. (I'm) Coming Apart
    04. Split Personality Crisis
    05. Bent Spoon Blues
    06. Clouds
    07. Cut to Pieces
    08. Televised Assassination
    09. Submersive
    10. Oh Jodi
    11. The Stalker's Stare
    12. Dirty Secrets


    Lacerated Nights

    [engl] Talk about a band...WHY BOTHER? are not only doing it themselves, but doing it for themselves. With zero interest in performing live or promoting their music online - the Mason City, Iowa four piece have been back in the basement writing and recording highly original punk music faster than it can be pressed to vinyl in this day and age. Their earliest material was collected on 'A Year of Mutations' and issued on LP by Feel It in 2021 - since then, the band has been building towards their first full length, and hot damn does it deliver! Speck's guitar sound is cut straight from the ultra-trebly Killed By Death sound as Terry's vocals and '73 Univox 100 synth cut over top of the wildly dexterous rhythm section of Pamela and Paul. It's a sound both classic and futuristic from a group of Midwestern weirdos living outside the tech bubble, spinning their own web of sound straight from 8-track tape. So if you need a dose of true original punk rock in 2022 and beyond, WHY BOTHER? can give you that fix.
  • 01. Skintro
    02. Invisible / Kill The Bitch You Got In Ya
    04. Bad Tooth
    05. The Incredible
    06. Dynamite
    07. Blush
    08. Lost That Lovin' Feeling
    09. Beat Junkie
    10. The Stink
    11. Big Jello Boy
    12. Golden Chain
    13. No Roof
    14. Business Creep


    The Incredible The Invisible

    [engl] "Sometimes sultry, sometimes fiery, sometimes rocking, sometimes rapping and sometimes she sounds like one of the old soul divas. It's amazing what this woman can get out of her throat. She seems to be able to do almost anything. Strange guys, those Greeks. A beautiful album indeed". OOR, Alex van der Hulst. Produced by Blend Mishkin.
    EAN 5904224870201