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    (Endless Pussyfooting)

    Here we go again, ETT - 048. And we bring you one of the most unique and exciting punk bands in the world. ISS born in North Carolina a super group consisting of Edwin J Schneider y cuidado Ricardo Po

    Poor People Are Revolting

    The Gotobeds' members come from Pittsburgh, Penn., a place notorious for keeping great local bands to itself. But the racket these guys kick up on their first album, Poor People Are Revolting, mig
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    Hive Volumes 1 & 2

    Child prodigy Buz Clatworthy's latest and greatest project! Features some very tight riffs and some of the catchiest song writing we've heard in a while. Reminds me of something that would fit
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    EP 2

    MARBLED EYE is the latest addition to our POST PUNK / ANARCHO PUNK BAY AREA roster. And, what can I say; the bay area never disappoints us here at the ETT hq. The four guys are keenly aware of histori
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    Criminal Code from Tacoma, Washington, play an anthemic, sneakingly melodic mixture of post-punk and cacophony of raw wavy punk. Formed in 2011, they’ve just released several 7“s and their debut L
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    Hay Fever

    To cast our modern KNACK, we had to shovel snow for a year to dig out this four dudes in arctica. Borrow some SATOR rock guitars, make them pick up their bus ticket of Impo & the Tents to pop cul-de-s
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    Metal Town

    Adrenaline level does not drop, great guitar riffs, lead singer Shaun powerful soul shouts and and glam rock driving batteries. In the Notthingham punk hall of fame TV CRIME gets the denim corner. Wit
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    Not Good For Me

    tour 45 with exclusive songs from this Perth, Australia four piece. Moments of pleasure will be always connected are for us with this release, it was first time meeting and seeing ZERODENT live on sta
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    Masterless Samurai

    A more of world music, a more of ethno and definitely a more of progressive fusion rock approach is what marks „Masterless Samurai“, the second album by Japanese prog warrior Osamu Kitajima. He ta
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    Dragon King

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    Dos-Mukasan Ensemble

    First reissue of the second and last album by legendary Soviet Kazakh 'Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble' licensed directly from the band's leader Murat Kusainov. Restored original artwork a
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    Calling All Ghosts

    12 inch one sided, 5-song E.P. with laser etching on one side. 5 songs that feature the last recording session that Poison Idea ever did. Metal, punk, thrash, goth(?) It’s all here. Featuring the so
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    Latest will and testament

    The Kings of Punk are back with a blast! Those, who don´t know POISON IDEA, did fail in history of punk rock and hardcore! Since 1983 they released a whole bunch of classic records, which resulted in
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    Feel the darkness - Expanded Edition

    Portland, Oregon's Poison Idea were never a subtile act. In fact, they resided at the furthest end of the opposite spectrum, fusing the pummeling rhythm section of heavy metal, with the crunching
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    Legacy Of Dysfunction

    You’ve seen the movie! Now here’s the soundtrack! ‘Legacy of Dysfunction’ is a ride on the carousel to oblivion, as we time travel back and forth through over 35 years of Poison Idea’s rip-s
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    Justin Heathcliff

    Osamu Kitajimas venture on British late 60s pop music with even a typically English sounding pseudonym to make the impression perfect. And this album definitely is a perfect late 1960s British pop al
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    Osamu (1977)

    This is the third album by Osamu Kitajima, one of Japan's most prolific artists from the ethno rock, world music and progressive department. You can certainly not divide all the mentioned stylisti

    Raumpatrouille Kettenfett

    Seit 3 Jahren hat sich das Duo Kettenfett mit ausschweifenden Konzerttouren einen Namen gemacht. Jetzt endlich erscheint mit dem programmatischen Titel „Raumpatrouille Kettenfett“ auf dem noch jun
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    Although “Morgen” has often been called the greatest psychedelic album few people have actually heard, the level of its visibility has rapidly been rising these past several years. Thanks to the m

    Exit Decades

    Sweden's Cut City turns a respectful eye towards the gods of '80s post-punk on its debut album. Official reissue limited to 500 copies
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    Ich Hab' Angst

    Limited to 200 copies: - 170 copies in black/white cover.(THIS) - 15 copies in silver/white cover. - 15 copies in superwhite/white cover. Tracks A1 and A2 were previously released on the compila
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    Getting Mad

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    First ever legit vinyl reissue of this impossible to find private psychedelic hard-rock album from 1973. Remastered sound, colour insert with rare photos and liner notes by David Wells. Includes dig
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    Locksley Hall

    In 1969, Locksley Hall, a psychedelic band from Washington, recorded a full album at Audio Recorders in Seattle produced by Sonics Engineer Kearney Barton and long time Northwest guitarist Ned Neltner