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    Lyve: In Concerte

    [engl] Recording the Strapping Fieldhands at Bernie's was our (TommyJay & Myself) first rewarding attempt at recording a band live in a club setting that i can recall. It was great fun working with this
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    [engl] A collaboration between the Spanish Cabalists, Al Karpenter & French Rosicruanists, CIA Debutante, was not specifically foretold in the Fama Fraternitatis, but read between the lines, friend. That is
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    [engl] All the way from Sydney, ever/never records presents you with a masterpiece for our current times. It has the aura of a great classic record, avant-garde meets melodic intensities and contemporary poe
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    Custodians Of Human Succession

    [engl] Philadelphia’s Kilynn Lunsford had been conceiving her first solo album since she was a young teen. Growing up through the MTV era of Missy Elliot, Timbaland and the Swing Mob collective, and drawn
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    Music For Small Rooms

    [engl] Tiptoeing in, stealth-like, CIA Debutante’s Music For Small Rooms 12” on Ever/Never Records tempts the listener with secrets and their inevitable spilling out into the open. Over the course of sev
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    Minus Objects

    [engl] Mosquitoes are back and they are deadlier than ever. On Minus Objects, their second 12” EP for Ever/Never Records, Mosquitoes challenge the abyss to a staring contest. Utilizing deep-sixed static d
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    Feed 'Em Salt

    [engl] How bad is it out there? Is this the preapocalyptic era? Or are we the proverbial frog in boiling water and the end of days is already here? Maybe this is just late-capitalism Suck City. Whatever the
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    Hell's Highest Power

    [engl] 10 tracks from first recording session that was never released. Recorded with the original line-up in 2013 with Vassil Mester on drums (R.I.P.). All tracks are unheard, raw and guaranteed to crack you
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    [engl] First solo release from Melbourne pop-rock singer/songwriter SIMON JULIFF Produced by Joel Silbersher (GOD / Hoss) and released on the newly revived Australian label Dog Meat Records Much-loved Melbou
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    FREDAG DEN 13:e

    Mänskliga Gränstillständ

    [engl] The Scandicrust institution known as Fredag Den 13:e was formed in Gothenburg/Sweden back in 2006. The five guys had met through local punk shows and decided to combine the raw power of Swedish punk a
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    Blind Elit

    [engl] Raw punk / hardcore, 3/4 Totalitär members and Warcollapse members
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    [engl] Mazandaran was born from an idea to make protest music that shone a light on the experience of the Iranian diaspora, many of whom were displaced by the current regime. All members share Iranian herita
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    More Sugar

    [engl] Oh boy, now we're cooking. Now we're in the court of Sugar Tradition. Only a city like their hometown of Detroit could foster such a refined appreciation of rock'n'roll, r&b, and garag
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    I'm Here I'm There / Not Gonna Be Dumb

    [engl] Illustrious Memphian creative Alijca Trout (Sweet Knives, Lost Sounds, River City Tanlines) returns with a new single under her solo-slash-group venture, Alicja-pop. Following in the haunting garage-p
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    Turn To Earth

    [engl] Northern California psychedelic sorcerers Carlton Melton are brain surfers, mind trippers, … “psychlists,” if you prefer. The band will take your head for a ride, occasionally rushing at superlu
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    Leichte Teile, Kleiner Rock

    25 Jahre nach der Vero?ffentlichung von Ostzonensuppenwu?rfelmachenkrebs „Leichte Teile, Kleiner Rock“ gibt es selbiges Album jetzt erstmalig komplett auf Vinyl. Zu der Zeit fu?hrte der 1986 einge
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    Sons of the City Ditch

    [engl] A resurgent Dog Meat Records is thrilled and proud to release a new album by a resurgent rock'n'roller and an old friend, PAT TODD and his band THE RANKOUTSIDERS. The seventh album by LA's
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    Society's Bastard

    [engl] 40 plus years after Out of Vogue and Pay to Cum came, USA HC punk has died many deaths. Only to be brought back to life wave after wave. Perhaps only to be sold again as a cleaner version of itself. H
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    Where The Wolf Bane Blooms

    [engl] 40TH Anniversary edition Stockholm based The Nomads have always stood out from other garage rock revivalists because of the intensity of their performances and the wide range of their influences, w
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    Chain Whip

    Call of the Knife

    [engl] At some point it becomes clear to all of us that trying to navigate life on The Darkest Timeline is pretty heavy going. Politics, economics, human rights… all that grown-up stuff you have to worry a
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    Svitaye, Palaye

    [engl] 'Svitaye, Palaye' is the third album from the Kyiv, Ukraine post-punk project, Morwan. The album was supposed to be the logical continuation of the previous album 'Zola-Zemlya', which
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    Ragdoll Dance

    [engl] Ragdoll Dance is the 4th album by New York-via Texas punks Institute. Most underground punk bands don’t make four albums, but it makes sense for Institute. Even on their earliest releases, Institute
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    Working Out In Heaven

    [engl] We first fell in love with Antwerp’s BRORLAB with an urgently abrasive EP which ranked amongst our faves of 2020. Fast forward to 2023 and they are back with a totally out of control 12” of modern
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    Dejad Que Vengan One Sided

    [engl] “A decade after the international boom of the Iberian Hardcore scene and its subsequent decline, some members of the bands ORDEN MUNDIAL and BARCELONA, scattered around Europe, got together to form