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    [engl]  "Astronomicon features driving uptempo beats, ringing choruses, and twin-guitar harmonies that segue into improvised jams invoking the MC5 at their Sun Ra-channeling best, cruise through talkbox-lade
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    [engl]  Notes on the theme of YÚ: Combining the English you and Spanish tú, YÚ symbolizes the experience of being stuck between two cultures, struggling to find a sense of legitimacy. It navigates this sp
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    The Wild Animals In My Life

    [engl]  "It’s not often that fuzzed-out C86 jangle and brash queercore find common musical ground, Flesh World's inception focused less on their other bands (Limp Wrist, Needles and Brilliant Colors),
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    El Reino De Lo Falso

    [engl] Pointed, chaotic and forceful hardcore from Mexico City. MALCRÍA underlines their odd brand of precise punk with dark urgency and pained screams without a drop of reference or a borrowed idea. Very f
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    For Mass Consumption

    [engl]  Pig Heart Transplant is the alter ego of Jon Kortland, one half of the men that comprise the surgical Powerviolence duo Iron Lung. Like Iron Lung, Pig Heart Transplant delivers both a vicious beating
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    Servants In Heaven

    [engl] On their first release since 2017, the elusive RANK/XEROX treat us to two delightfully dreary pop tunes that present a Factory/4AD gloom with an icy silver lining. There is hope in the notes but what
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    Punk Life Is Shit

    [engl] By now people know that most of the music coming out of Olympia WA is important in some way, be it artistically or politically. PHYSIQUE manages to hit both points by channeling the classic DISCHARGE
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    Ionsamfélagio Og Framtío Pess

    [engl]  Iðnsamfélagið Og Framtíð Þess which roughly translates to "Industry and its Future", is taking the oddity and isolationism of hardcore punk and industrial noise and smashing them even further t
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    [engl]  Five hard-hitting tracks of fast, catchy, to-the-point hardcore punk con letras socialmente conscientes cantadas en español and a melodic undercurrent in the finest traditions of the East Bay. Quick
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    Invocation Of Doom

    [engl] After a scorching demo in 2018, Singapore's DOLDREY have seen fit to unleash a hellish alchemical concoction of scraping hardcore and HM2 death metal riffs over a whiplash of pogoed out D-beats. I
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    The Psychic Hologram

    [engl]  The mutilated guitar buzz, hissing vocal fury, Cyberdyne Systems drum processors and brooding atmospheric tekno are a powerful commixture brought to light through the channel of industrial noise punk
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    In Due Time

    [engl] Uncompromising hardcore punk from the bricked bowels of Chicago. "In Due Time" is five ridiculously tight songs of flawlessly executed frenzy with a hint of winter snot that we couldn't be more st
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    Henge Beat

    [engl]  The combination of all their previous work and a steady live band has come together to form the great Henge Beat LP. Beautifully housed in a bright European-art-designed gatefold sleeve. These guys h
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    Next Phase

    [engl] Back when they started out as a side project of Melbourne's goth punk band - MASSES, UBIK described themselves as "Catchy brat-beat with a little sprinkling of anarcho goodness". That still rings
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    Guru Guru


    [engl] Guru Guru is a German Krautrock band formed in 1968 as The Guru Guru Groove by Mani Neumeier (drums), Uli Trepte (bass) and Eddy Naegeli (guitar) later replaced by American Jim Kennedy (guitar). In ti


    Cumbia ist ein traditionelles lateinamerikanisches Musikgenre, welches ursprünglich aus Kolumbien stammt und sich seitdem auf dem gesamten spanischsprachigen Subkontinent verbreitet hat. Es vereint E
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    Ohne Zukunft

    Geschichtsstunde: Hannover, 1981. Punk in seiner absoluten Frühphase und mittendrin Blitzkrieg. 1979 gegründet und bereits 1982 wieder aufgelöst. Hardcore-Pogo-Schrammel-Punk mit straighter Anti-At
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    zweites Album.
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    Extrem markanter, eigenständiger und sympathischer DIY-Punkrock mit politischen Texten abseits der dutzendfach gehörten Themen. Immer wieder schimmert der klassische Deutschpunk durch, dazwischen Ha
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    Auf dem Mond ein Feuer

    Ursprünglich 1984 als „Wermut“ gegründet, liegen die Roots der Backnanger Metal-Band Totenmond klar im frühen (Deutsch-) Punk. 2001 erschien mit „Auf dem Mond ein Feuer“ das vierte Album, a
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    Alles muss raus

    Neue Band um Dirk Kranz (ex-Berlin Diskret, Tonya Hardings, Frantic Romantics, Dog Food Five) mit dem absoluten Maximum an minimalistischem Retro-Garage-Punk. Zwischen klassischem 77er Punk, frühem N
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    AMEN 81

    Attack of the chemtrails

    Wenn an der These, dass in den düstersten Zeiten die besten Punkalben entstehen, irgendwas dran ist, dann wird sie hier von Amen 81 gestützt. Der Dreier aus Nürnberg existiert seit Ewigkeiten, mach
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    Berlin Diskret


    Berlin Diskret sind die neue Supergroup des Kreuzberger Punkrock: Dirk (Tonya Hardings, Frantic Romantics, Dog Food Five), Johnny Bottrop (Terrorgruppe, The Bottrops, Hostages of Ayatollah), Don Lotze
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    [engl] When a singer starts fooling with the drum kit in a rehearsal space, things turn from bad to worse, eardrums start bleeding, and the rest of the band runs away. Nine times out of ten. But not this tim