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    ARK, THE

    Racing with the Rabbits

    [engl] The Genesis of The Ark was this 1996 debut EP now released on vinyl for the very first time. The Ark EP, also known as Racing with the Rabbits, was recorded in 1994 and 1995 and released in 1996 and p
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    Radio Galaxy

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    The Faust Tapes

    [engl] There’s something perversely fabulous about the thought of this warped masterwork wandering into 60,000 unsuspecting British homes in 1973. Faust’s second-and-a-half album hit the shops to celebra
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    [engl] When the Welttraumforscher (world dream explorer) started their journey on July 14, 1981, it was not foreseeable that it would last so long. For over 40 years now, Christian Pfluger from Zurich has be
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    [engl] Philly’s own Chained Bliss set tongues a-waggin’ back in 2019 with their Stained Red cassette EP, gathering more than a few comparisons to the Wipers’ early racket in the process. Well, now they
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    A Foul Form

    [engl] Releasedate 12.08.2022! Brain stem cracking scum-punk recorded tersely in the basement of my home. After a notoriously frustrating eon the knee-jerk song path was aggressive and hooky. This is a
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    Bad Reaction

    [engl] London has been fanning the flames of hardcore punk relentlessly, producing some of the best music of the genre for a while now. Enter Mastermind, four young guns kicking it up a notch or five. Starti
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    [engl] Hanover pogo punk classic from 1981. The new release comes with 3 bonus songs (compared to the original LP). There is also an extended version of the booklet, which includes the complete history of th
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    It's Like The Earth Is Angry - MMXXI.II.IX + X

    [engl] Newest album by this constantly evolving and experimentally band from Austria, with their synthesis of Noise-Rock and Dance-Electronica. 14 tracks recorded in 2021 as one-take instant compositions wit
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    Midnight Signals

    [engl] limited to 300 copies
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    Pan Bóg Spe?ni Wszystkie Pragnienia Lewaków... I Dojdzie Do Katastrofy!

    [engl] Hurtling out of Lesser Poland full of indignant rage and armed with defiant conviction come Lublin’s OHYDA with a third LP that puts Kaczy?ski and his PiS cronies to shame. The legacy of Polish fore
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    Killed By Mock Execution

    [engl] Chicago’s MOCK EXECUTION return with 9 tracks of unadulterated sonic aggression. Their debut LP Killed By Mock Execution takes cues from the dirtier sides of both Finnish and Japanese hardcore while
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    Every Seashell Sings Of Failure

    [engl] After narrowly escaping their respective dementia units, Shapland and Nichols rendezvoused with co conspirator Mike Brannon at an abandoned bunker in Bremen, Germany during the autumn of 2013. The equ
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    Suburban Life

    [engl] Sweden's first and best mod-revival band The Moderns mixed the love of 60's pop with the intensity of punk and had the big breakthrough around the corner during the short but intense career, i
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    [engl] The American award-winning poetic voice Sekou Andrews has spent the past fifteen years or more inspiring audiences across the globe as one of the most successful, full-time spoken word artists. In 20
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    Tracks Remain

    [engl] If Tages was Sweden’s Beatles then The Shakers were Sweden’s Stones. They were a little darker and a little more dangerous, but alas very short lived. Tracks Remain compiles the band’s best trac
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    Only in her Town

    [engl] Stockholm-based Steampacket was formed in the autumn of 1965. After three gigs in Sweden in the spring of 1966, the band went on touring in England, discovered that there was already a Steampacket whi
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    [engl] Attentat were pioneers in the first Swedish punk wave in the late 1970s, along with bands like Kriminella Gitarrer, KSMB, Göteborg Sound and Ebba Grön. After more than 40 years on the Swedish rock
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    Instrumentalmusik – att sjunka in i ... eller kanske försvinna till

    [engl] First solo project from wizard Björn Olsson, composer and produ- cer (most noted for his close collaboration with Swedish superstar Håkan Hellström) and former guitarist / co-founder of Union Carbi
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    [engl] Featuring members of Clock Of Time, Exit Group, Cage Kicker, Idiota Civlizzatto, Lacquer and more. This is the debut LP from Berlin's GLAAS. "A gang of stylish demons discover a wild animal p
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    Love For The Streets

    [engl] Their third album from 2002 vinyl for the first time since it came out and this time it’s got extra tracks. Jerk It Out, Over ’Fore It Started, Candy Cane and more!
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    Diggin’ For Gold vol 12

    [engl] Since 1993 the Diggin’ For Gold series has unearthed obscure 60’s beat/garage/pop nuggets from around the world. Lovingly curated by master collectors extraordinaire, remastered from the best sour
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    Youth Is Wasted On The Young

    [engl] Their glorious 1997 debut album on vinyl for the first time in over 20 years. Filled with hits like Sort It Out, (I’m Gonna) Kick You Out and You’re My Favourite.
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    [engl] With their second album Dungen moved from a sound deeply rooted in Swedish folk music towards more psychedelia and 70’s pop. This missing link between the sparse debut and the world wide break throu