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    The axeman cometh

    [engl] If you are looking for raw, psychedelic hard- rock, look no further! We present the complete recordings (1968- 1972) from Wicked Lady, the legendary UK underground power trio leaded by ace guitarist Martin Weaver, later a member of Dark on their ''Round the edges'' album. Here's the first volume of our Wicked Lady collection, both a CD version and a lavish double vinyl of ''The Axeman Cometh''. Our edition features new artwork and liner notes by doomy psychedelic guitar God in person, Martin Weaver, who tells the real (and bizarre!) story behind Wicked Lady for the first time. The stuff of a legend, this is a real fest of fuzz, wah- wah and heavy riffs that will blow the mind of any hard- psych collector.

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    Psychotic overkill

    [engl] Second volume to complete the anthology of Wicked Lady recordings, their final tracks recorded in 1972, just before the band split up and guitarist Martin Weaver left for Dark (of ''Round the

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    Sleepy John

    [engl] Monster psychedelic hard- rock & proto- prog sounds from Northwest, 1970, never released at the time. Ultra- raw basement sound with devastating guitars and fantastic Hammond organ all around, sometim
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    Witch Burning

    [engl] Ultimate US hard- psychedelic / proto- prog burner from 1971. Obscure Sabbath- esque hard- rock band Salem Mass self- released their only album in 1971. Recorded at a beer bar converted studio, ?Witch
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    Haul ar yr eira

    [engl] Easily one of the most exciting psychedelic folk- rock albums from the UK, this is the debut disc by Welsh fellows Pererin, dated 1980. Entirely sung in Welsh language (like all their discography, all
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    Paloma mensajera

    [engl] Originally released as a demo pressing in 1973, ''Paloma Mensajera'' by Peruvian band Grupo Amigos is without doubt one of the rarest albums from the South American psych scene. Only a
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    Mystic Soldiers

    [engl] Definitive vinyl edition of this lost album from the Bosstown Sound scene. Front Page Review rubbed shoulders with bands like Eden's Children, Beacon Street Union and Strawberry Alarm Clock. With
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    In debt

    [engl] Bill Cooley and Alan Munson were two friends in Santa Barbara, California, living their early twenties writing folk- rock songs for their pleasure. That was 1972, and they decided to put these songs i
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