Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. That's always been the difference between us ... (Rorschach)

Perhaps it's just what Rorschach said to Daniel, what fuels us as an independent label. This thought originated Sounds of Subterrania's work as a distribution. To help other labels selling their records, creating networks and to support each other. Now we've got a new tool and I hope it facilitates your work and the process of ordering. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. And I'm always open and thankful for any suggestions to improve the new concept.

Hope to hear from you soon!

... and now enjoy the digging!

Neuheiten Garage / Powerpop

Neuheiten Rock

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    Shadrack Chameleon

    Reissue with newly remastered sound of this teen basement psych–rock private pressing from the Midwest, 1973. Great distorted guitars, organ, melancholic vocals, raw homemade vibe, inventive songs a
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    Originally released in 1972 on the Project 3 label (home also of Free Design), Rain’s self titled album is a cult item among lovers of progressive pop, psych and proto power–pop. Fantastic songs,
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    Need To Feel Your Love

    With their debut LP, the cloak has been lifted. It is time to reclaim something that has been taken from us. Here the band rolls up their sleeves, takes to the streets, and demands recompense for a tr
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    Play Restart

    Nord is a band from Rijeka, Croatia. Their sound is a great blend of dark textural ambiance, massive guitar riffs and emotional lyrics with a very personal feeling. Play Restart is their debut album a
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    "Truth" is the new album by this incredible heavy–psych duo from Portugal, famous for their storming live shows at famous festivals like Reverence Valada and Barreiro Rocks and for supporting big ne

Neuheiten Postpunk / Wave / Noise

Neuheiten Avantgarde / Klassik

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    Lubomyr Melnyk is a Ukrainian pianist and composer. Through his pioneering work in the 1970’s, he developed the technique of “Continuous Music” for piano, and with it a stunning new language for

Neuheiten Hardcore / SXE

Neuheiten Punk

Neuheiten Electropunk

Neuheiten Indie

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    Adult-disoriented-rock-love/hate-core three-piece from Zagreb, Croatia comes of age as a quartet, embracing new synthesiser sounds to follow up on their acclaimed debut Vacation Freeze. For fans of cl
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    Robot, ein britischer Humanoid, erforscht in seiner neuen Berliner Umgebung die Welt der menschlichen Emotionen und künstlichen Intelligenz in der Musik. Doch anstatt sich die naheliegenden kalten, g

Neuheiten Singer-/Songwriter/Folk

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    33 balade

    For Macedonian world music group Luboyna, creating boundary-breaking music is a way of life. Over the course of 15 years, it has wilfully broken boundaries and conventions within its entertaining song
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    If you know the 1968 Eurovision song, or the TV kids cartoons tunes which Claude Lombard sang, it will be hard to believe what’s happening there...Beautiful pop songs sung in french by this belgian

Neuheiten Soul / Funk / Jazz

Neuheiten Emo / PostHC

Neuheiten Hardrock / Metal

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    Night Is Burning

    There are few bands who can claim to have built their reputation on one single, but such is the situation for Aragorn, formed in Chesire in 1978. They were one of the first acts to sign to Neat Record

Neuheiten Sixties / Psychedelic