Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. That's always been the difference between us ... (Rorschach)

Vielleicht ist genau das, was Rorschach gegenüber Daniel äußert, das was mich als Label umtreibt. Aus einem ähnlichen Gedanken heraus ist dann auch vor Jahren Sounds of Subterrania entstanden.
Für all die mich nicht kennen, möchte ich mich zuerst kurz vorstellen. Mein Name ist Gregor und ich betreibe in Hamburg (m)ein Plattenlabel namens Sounds of Subterrania. Das Label existiert seid 1998 und ich arbeite und arbeitete mit Bands wie The Dirtbombs, Melt-Banana, King Kahn, BBQ, Sewergrooves, Chris Wollard von Hot Water Music, Kamikaze Queens, The Monsters, Frankie Stubbs von Leatherface, Gyogun Rend's, El Guapo Stuntteam und vielen mehr. Wichtiger Bestandteil des Labels ist die Herstellung besonderer Special Editions, aus Holz, Metal, Plastik, Beton und sämtlichen möglichen und unmöglichen Materialien die mir zur Verfügung stehen.
Bei Fragen schreibt mich an und ich versuche schnellstmöglich Euch eine Antwort zu schreiben.

Und jetzt viel Spass beim Stöbern wünscht

Neuheiten Punk

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    Let’s Go

    In der Londoner Casa Pepe steht weiterhin Zuckerwatte plus Milchshake auf dem Menü: Charmin’ BOYS/LURKERS Punk Pop mit zuckersüßer Bubblegum Injection, GOOD VIBRATIONS-Labelkatalog in Griffweite,
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    Back from the Nod

    8-Song Razorblade Smack from Aachen City, U.S.A. Die Basics der DOGS bleiben auch auf der vierten Großscheibe unangetastet: Snotty DEAD BOYS/HEARTBREAKERS/PAGANS-Punk’n’Roll mit THE STITCHES-Refe
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    [engl] Limited Reissue! One of the current Punk scene's most under-rated bands, the Guitar Gangsters work and play hard and really should be at the top of the charts with their thoughtful, meaningful Po
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    All We Wanna Do Is Rock'n'Roll!

    „She’s a trouble maker, she breaks my heart!“ 14-Song Bubblegum Blitzkrieg made in Berlin, nach „We vibrate“ 7“, s/t Debüt und ZIPS-Split schiebt das Trio einen weiteren Tonträger in d
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    Just A Bad Mood

    01. Bad Mood 02. Good For Nothing 03. She's A Psycho 04. The Kids 05. ... 06. In A Box 07. Modern City Outlaw 08. Last Survivor 09. Sunday Afternoon 10. Words 11. Rewind The Tap
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    Unter Kannibalen

    Es war Mord ist eine Band aus Berlin mit zwei Gitarren, Bass, Schlagzeug und natürlich einem Sänger. Es war Mord singen in deutscher Sprache. Dabei sind die Texte oftmals mehr phonetische Willkür,

Neuheiten Electropunk

Neuheiten Hardrock / Metal

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    Psychotic overkill

    [engl] Second volume to complete the anthology of Wicked Lady recordings, their final tracks recorded in 1972, just before the band split up and guitarist Martin Weaver left for Dark (of ''Round the
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    The axeman cometh

    [engl] If you are looking for raw, psychedelic hard- rock, look no further! We present the complete recordings (1968- 1972) from Wicked Lady, the legendary UK underground power trio leaded by ace guitarist M

Neuheiten Postpunk / Wave / Noise

Neuheiten Garage / Powerpop

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    In this perfect hell

    [engl] The Routes always seem to be do something different stylistically on every record they release; from their largely R&B influenced debut album “Left My Mind”, to the playful US garage drenched “A
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    No mercy for love

    [engl] Still unknown in rock territory, French band Cannibale gets its name from its «kind of exotic garage» music whose humid tropical groove is slowly eating up all the stereotypes about Born Bad release

Neuheiten Soul / Funk / Jazz

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    Airto Fogo

    [engl] Featuring superb drummer Sylvain Krief, Airto Fogo’s sole album from 1976 is one of the best instrumental jazz–funk / rare–groove albums ever recorded in France. Heavy drums, Rhodes, analogue ke
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    The sexadelic disco–funk sound of...

    [engl] Susana Estrada was one of the muses and main figures from the period known as ’Transition’ in Spain. No other woman represented better than her the freedom and sexual revolution which the country
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    Only You

    [engl] Steve Monite's album, Only You, is a prime slab of Nigerian boogie. It's sinewy, compact and sexy, a little bit of disco mixed with a big dose of funk. Loose and groovy, it's a sonic seduc
  • cover


    Girls For Sale

    [engl] Before he was Nigeria's self-proclaimed Mr Lover Boy, Felix Lebarty was an upcoming musician in the country's Edo-Delta region. His big brother, Aigbe, was a legendary Highlife bandleader, but
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    Udopeia: The Remixes

    [engl] The acoustic debut album Udopeia created by the band Pilots On Dope was issued by the Verve label in June 2014. The sound has its roots in Brazil’s broad-ranging musical traditions, including bossa,
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    Don't Stop That Music

    [engl] In the early 1980s, Nigerian was booming and recording studios used the oil money sloshing around to fit their studios with the latest state-of-the-art recording equipment. With the equipment came a n

Neuheiten Rock

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    Dünden Bugüne

    [engl] Debut album, released in 1977, by one by one of Anatolian Rock’s most sheerly talented vocalists. Turkish psych–rock with some amazing funk drums and fuzzed out guitars. Ersen spent time in Mogoll
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    Ersen 2 – Ömür Biter Yollar Bitmez

    [engl] His very last name, Dinleten, means ’listen’. So back to Anatolia once more and hear the unhinged guitar and electric baglama behind Turkish psychedelia’s charismatic singer Ersen. He was discov
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    [engl] Formed in 1964 in Santiago, playing beat and cover versions, Blops developed over the following years a unique sound, mixing folk, rock, psychedelia and Chilean folklore. This is their legendary first
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    Blops (del volar de las palomas)

    [engl] Known as "Del Volar De Las Palomas", this is the second eponymous album from the legendary Blops from Chile, originally released in 1971, while the band lived in a communal house known as "Manchufela"

Neuheiten Sixties / Psychedelic

Neuheiten Soundtrack

Neuheiten Electronic

Neuheiten Avantgarde / Klassik

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    Masterless Samurai

    [engl] A more of world music, a more of ethno and definitely a more of progressive fusion rock approach is what marks „Masterless Samurai“, the second album by Japanese prog warrior Osamu Kitajima. He ta
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    Luna Africana

    [engl] CLARA MONDSHINE is a musical project of the late radio director, journalist and composer Walter Bachauer who for example used to work for RIAS Berlin in the 70s and 80s. Mr. Bachauer has also been inv

Neuheiten Indie