Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. That's always been the difference between us ... (Rorschach)

Perhaps it's just what Rorschach said to Daniel, what fuels us as an independent label. This thought originated Sounds of Subterrania's work as a distribution. To help other labels selling their records, creating networks and to support each other. Now we've got a new tool and I hope it facilitates your work and the process of ordering. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. And I'm always open and thankful for any suggestions to improve the new concept.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Limiter // Verheimlichung 4te Vers.

    It can be turned round as you like, Gewalt has managed to be one of the most innovative German bands in 2017 in the advance of Noiserock. Sound, language, live performance, reflection, everything a

    Limiter // Verheimlichung 1te Vers.

    It can be turned round as you like, Gewalt has managed to be one of the most innovative German bands in 2017 in the advance of Noiserock. Sound, language, live performance, reflection, everything a
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    First ever vinyl reissue of the fifth album by the Turkish legend. "Hasret", based on poems by Nazim Hikmet, was originally released in 1980, while Cem was living in Germany. A good example of Anatoli
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    First ever vinyl reissue of this elusive US private pressing from 1971, originally released on the legendary RPC custom label. Intense & crude garage–psych with echoing vocals, loud distorted guitar


    It´s Brian Hildebrand (DEMON'S CLAWS, MIND CONTROLS, GENITAL HISPOITAL) from Montreal, Canada. Running since 2009 he did three, quite limited 45s we love to death. Now Mathieu Blackburn joined fo
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    Inside your mind

    Homespun psych–punk–garage–pop from 1985!! Over a decade ago, Steve Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave found a cassette by a mysterious 80s band called In Time at a Chicago thrift shop. When he ret
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    Piss Test

    Neue Platte der Portland Punx, die uns ein deftiges Highspeed Geschoss vor den Latz knallen. Stellt euch eine Mische aus zu schnell gespielter Wipers - is this real, der ersten B52s, den frühen Nervo
  • DIE! DIE! DIE!


    new album. more infos soon!
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    La passagère

    Sophomore album by Marietta, La Passagère follows Basement Dreams Are The Bedroom Cream (Born Bad Records, 2015), which was lauded by French daily newspaper Liberation, magazines Les Inrockuptibles,
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    La pantoufle

    We used to know Émile Sornin as the son, the pupil, who saw fathers of his among the pioneers of baroque, progressive and psychedelic pop; who found big brothers by heart and aesthetics in Aquaserge;


    Lubomyr Melnyk is a Ukrainian pianist and composer. Through his pioneering work in the 1970’s, he developed the technique of “Continuous Music” for piano, and with it a stunning new language for
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    We Say: Oh Well

    JOASIHNO wandelt auf den Spuren von isländischen Musikern wie Múm oder Sigur Rós, verehrt die Minimal-Musiker Steve Reich und Philipp Glass, hat sich zum klassischen Schlagwerker ausbilden lassen,

    Being Empty:Being Filled III

    The third of four EP's being released for the upcoming full-length record "Being Empty : Being Filled" Two brand new Listener songs. Limited edition (500 copies) 7' green vinyl record.


    Apocalypse Pop, waiting for the apocalypse to...drop... Suspect Parts is the brainchild of two exiled Americans, one Brit and a German who managed to tame their inner demons with buzzsaw punk/powerp
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    SCHNITT combines improvisational noise, postpunk and Jazz. With its vinylrecorder, live sounds are cut directly into a vinyl record. The resulting loops and Samples are played back. Live improvisation


    The Débils from Biene where the only Swisspunk band (and Spontan) from the second generation, that did release an LP in the early 1980. Their direction was resolute: autodidactic, nonconformist, and
  • NEON

    Neon / Nazi Schatzi

    Neon again ? Yes, Neon again, this time as an american press "licence press" co-released with Water Wing Records. Thick cardboard Pocket Sleeve with different Artwork and different innersleeve. Info :
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    Phantom Pain Relieve

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    Ak Musick

    "AK Musick" was originally released in 1972 as a private edition of 150 copies on Hans Kumpf’s legendary AKM Records label. Radical, freaked–out sound with hints of free–jazz, improv and avant
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    Live at Sunrise Studios

    Swiss heavy–prog / kraut monster from 1976, originally released as a private, hand–made edition of 200 copies. Long instrumental / experimental tracks fuelled by Mellotron, Hammond, Minimoog, ri


    Mittlerweile sowas wie Legendenstatus, hat sich das Jazz-Disco Punk-Ensemble aus Augsburg mit Schweiß, Blut und Lippenstift erarbeitet.Sie könnten es sich in ihrem Sound gemütlich machen, denn der
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    Baila Mi Rumba

    Gypsy rumba–funk & flamenco pop courtesy of TRIGAL, the grooviest & funkiest band from the Spanish ’70s rumba scene. 13 tracks taken from their sought after LPs and 45s, originally released on the
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    New Hondo

    An otherworldly mix of Cosmic Disco, Funk, Boogie and traditional Flamenco styles by Spanish "cantaor" El Turronero!! Featuring the legendary Josep Llobell (Oliver’s Planet, Enterprise...) at the co
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    Plastic People

    Raw, in–your–face hard psychedelia with plenty of Vox and Hammond organ, hard guitar and powerful vocals courtesy of WILDWOOD. Formed in the late ’60s in Stockton, California, this powerful outf